Can you rate my names please?

Most people say bad things about Milo and Koukla. And I just wanted everyone to know that they are Greek names and since I'm Greek I like them. Milo means Brave and Koukla means Doll. So before you go saying,well Milo and Koukla sound weird,stop,b/c I've heard it before,Thanks! :)


1.Lila May

2.Noel Elisabeth

3.Emma Leah

4.Lissie Beck

5.Abigail(Abby) Faith

6.Nicole(Nikki) Diane

7.Chloe Beth

8.Madison(Maddie) Kate

9.Carrie Grace

10.Koukla Hope


1:John Louis

2.Theo Carter

3.Milo Peter

4.Samuel Keith

5.Nathan Michael

6.Luke Tanner

7.Timothy(Tim) Martin

8.William(Will) Matthew

9.Anthony(Tony) James

10.Mark Riley

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    I like the fact that you want to honor your background. I love Milo but I am not a fan of Koukla because it's hard to pronounce, she will have to tell people how to spell and prounce it all her life. If that doesn't matter to you then I would go for it.

    1. Lila May - 6/10 I love Lila but May sounds a bit filler

    2. Noel Elisabeth - 8/10 I would spell it Noelle

    3. Emma Leah - 5/10 I like each name, Emilia is said exactly like Emma Leah as two seperate name I would go with that instead

    4. Lissie Beck - 0/10 I would prefer Lisa Rebecca

    5. Abigail Faith - 5/10 It's okay Faith is kind of filler

    6. Nicole Diane - 6/10 It flows well and will age well

    7. Chloe Beth - 7/10 Chloe is cute I would prefer Elisabeth to Beth

    8. Madison Kate - 10/10 I this flows great and really is cute but will still age well.

    9. Carrie Grace - 4/10 it's okay not a fan what about Carrington ?

    10 . Koukla Hope - 4/10 not really fan but I like the thought behind it.

    1. John Louis - 6/10 very traditional but I like it

    2. Theo Carter - 10/10 I love Theo ! It will be my next son's name

    3. Milo Peter - 10/10 I love Milo and Peter sounds great with it

    4. Samuel Keith - 5/10 Both names are okay but the flow is off

    5. Nathan Michael - 7/10 I love it but seems so predictable

    6. Luke Tanner - 8/10 I like how it sounds just not a big fan of Tanner

    7. Timothy Martin - 4/10 not really a fan of either names

    8. William Matthew - 9/10 I love them together

    9. Anthony James - 8/10 I love it but wouldn't use a nickname I would just call him Anthony.

    10. Mark Riley - 6/10 Riley is cute not really a fan of Mark

    I would pick Madison Kate for a girl and Theo Carter or Milo Peter for a boy !

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    1. No

    2. No

    3. Yes

    4. No

    5. Yes

    6. Yes

    7. No

    8. No

    9. Yes, my favorite. (:

    10. Yes


    1. No

    2. No

    3. Yes

    4. Yes

    5. Yes

    6. Yes, my favorite. (:

    7. No

    8. No

    9. Yes

    10. Yes

    Good luck!

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    1 no

    2 no

    3 no. i like them separately. but not together.

    4 no

    5 yeah

    6 no

    7 no

    8 no

    9 no

    10 yeah

    1 yes

    2 no

    3 yea

    4 no.

    5 no

    6 no

    7 no

    8 no

    9 yes

    10 no

    =] hope i helped.

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