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Why did God create insects?

Where they part of the curse when God curse this world? Are there insects in heaven?

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    Insects are valuable. As to whether or not they are in heaven, I don't know why they couldn't be. I'll see when I get there.

    Where is Scripture does it say that God cursed the world? The only possible place I can see is in Genesis 3:17, part of which says "cursed is the ground because of you." All that means is man has to work to eat.

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    i think the book of genesis says that each tree grows its own fruit. (perpetually).

    but, another look at it might be that God still has insext to do the work of fertilization as well.

    another way to look at it, would be to ask whether there was HONEY in the garden of eden. i think its possible to have insects in heaven for purposes like this.

    one might think being an insect can also be a glory and a punishment if reincarnation is true. then again one might conlcude that nothing is real, its all an illusion. or worker-bots in an enormouse holographic program, like a matrix, or a divine matrix.

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    Cross-pollination for one. Experimental life for another. Just because they have 6 legs and fly and crawl, doesn't mean, they don't have a purpose or reason in life. You may not like the purpose or reason, but that doesn't change the facts.

    I think the most common question TO God is WHY - why this, why that, why the other thing - anything you can think up you don't like, becomes a big why. The answer normally given to this question by God is: Just Because.

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    God really, really likes bugs - he made more kinds of them than almost anything else. One could say that we're a curse on insects rather than the other way around.

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    its all about balance why did he make us different and place us the places he did he made us formed to are environment and food source yet we have spread and now we suffer more then ever makes you wonder every thing had its balance even insect birds eat insects so do bats so that's your answer we thought the balance out the window intro ducing knew species to foreign lands and such

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    For people who are stranded in the jungle to have suffice protein. To pollinate, for honey, etc. Every living creature on this earth has a purpose, maybe not each individual creature but as a whole everything does.

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    life evolved. insects provide an invaluable part of the animal kingdom, without their presence we as a species would have no food. they act as decomposers, pollinators, they aerate the soil, are prey for larger animals, are food themselves in some cultures, and provide a million more different functions within the great web of life.

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    It is part of a chain, other animals eat them and need them for food.

    I really doubt there are insects in heaven, though only God knows.

    take care.

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    No, see god didn't create insects. They are a product of natural selction whose mutations allowed them to thrive in the enviornment.

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    to eat poop

    things without a soul cannot go to heaven. So Ive heard

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