great books/novels for teens to read?

I'm 15 and soon to be a sophmore and im finding a hard time looking for good books to read. I enjoy romance novels, books about real life happenings and stuff like that maybe even books/novels about magic.

So if you could please help that would be great! and please dont mention twilight. I don't know if this will help but i really enjoyed the novel "girls in trouble" by caroline leavitt.

Thanks :)

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    How about some books by Jodi Picoult?

    Such as: My Sister's Keeper

    Perfect Match

    Ninteen Minutes

    Or how about:

    Sarah Dressen-Just Listen(

    Sarah Dressen-The truth about forever

    Sarah Dressen-Lock and Key

    Judy Blume-Forever

    Judith Fathallah-Monkey Taming(About one girls experience with anorexia and how she recovers)

    Does my Head look big in this OR 10 things I hate about me-Randa Abdel Fathallah

    Massive OR Dirty Work-(i think it's by Julie Bell. not sure)

    Kevin Brooks-Candy (

    Kevin Brooks-Lucas

    Kevin Brooks-Martyn Pig

    Hope this helped :)

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    I'm 15 too =]

    Maternal Instinct by Caroline Leavitt

    The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

    A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

    Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

    PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

    Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

    Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

    Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

    I'm currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and I like it

    Happy reading x

  • I'm the same age as you, but soon to be a junior.

    There are a few novels I've read you may like

    Magyk (it's really good)

    a thousand splendid suns (its a little disturbing, its about life in afganistan...but it's such a good read)

    Dangerous Girls

    Macbeth (you're most likely going to be reading that this year)

    The last dog on Earth


    Wicked Lovely (SOO GOOD)

    scared to death --if you're into horror.

    Mates Dates and Mad mistakes series are really good and really fun to read.

    Happy reading =)

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    Read Looking for Alaska by John Green.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ever read the Georgia Nicholson books by Louise Rennison?

    Do so

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    1 decade ago

    Try reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    ***the book thief


    *hurt go happy

    *nine days a queen

    7 tears into the sea

    *the maximum ride series

    the blue bloods series

    the ink series


    oliver twist

    to kill a mockingbird

    the thief lord

    so yesterday

    the harry potter series


    life as we knew it


    a prayer for owen meany

    rules of the road

    best foot forward

    *the host

    the giver



    the homecoming series

    *memoires of a teenage amnesiac


    number the stars

    the phantom of the opera

    id tell you i love you but then id have to kill you

    a kiss in time

    the five people you meet in heaven

    *13 reasons why

    *amazing grace

    *=really good

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    1 decade ago

    Read My Sister's Keeper,

    It's really good,

    Better than the movie actually.

    Source(s): Me, Myself, And I
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    The Harry Potter Series


  • 1 decade ago

    i just started reading Wuthering Heights. its a famous romance novel and im starting to like it. try it:)

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