Now that the Phillies got Cliff Lee, are they the favorites to win the World Series?


Brett Myers will be back as a bullpen pitcher in 3 weeks.

Update 2:

In the last 22 games (19-3) the Phillies starters have an ERA of 2.64!!!!!

Update 3:

Please, with the Cardinals, the Phillies just took 2 of 3 from them right after the Cardinals got Holliday. Plus, the Cardinals might not even beat out the Cubs!!!

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    Hamels is 3-0 in 5 appearances since the All-Star break...historically he is far better in the second half of the season. One could say he is an ace after the Break. Lee has also been on a solid win streak since the Break even with that "baseball team" he was with. Blanton is ON FIRE. Happ is consistently a 7 inning pitcher. Meyers is set to return next month to the pen, Martinez may be in the big leagues next week (perhaps also to help the 'pen)

    This pitching situation is better than last year.

    Adding Fransisco off the bench as the much needed right-handed PH.

    Phils have no holes now!

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    No. In a short series, they still lack a true shutdown pitcher. If they face the Cardinals, who I think would beat the Dodgers in the division series, the Cardinals 1-3 pitchers are better than the Phillies 1-3 pitchers. Phillies are the better regular season team, but I think the Cardinals are the team in the National League which is best built for the postseason.

    Edit: I give the Phillies a better chance against the Cardinals than the Dodgers against Cardinals, but the games that you beat us were pitched by one person who would not start one game in the Championship Series and another that would pitch only once.

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    I don't think so. They are having some bullpen problems (Lidge is a mess) and despite this recent acquisition, I don't think the starting rotation is that good. Hamels has been struggling and dealing with injuries the whole year. I look at the American League East and the top 3 teams there are just loaded with talent and Boston may be close to acquiring Halladay. Also, the Dodgers will probably make a move and with the way Tim Lincecum and the rest of that rotation is pitching, the Giants look very dangerous.

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    I agree that they will be favorites to get to the NLCS with the Dodgers. As far as favorites to get to the World Series, maybe not the top team. But who knows, Brett will be returning and maybe the rest of the bullpen will have some miraculous turnaround and start pitching like they did last year in the playoffs.

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    I'm pretty sure they have the edge on all the other teams at this point. They got a potent offense and a lights out starting rotation. Now they also have a solid bullpen. My Cardinals are going to be in tough with them that's for sure. :)

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    i think they can TOTALLY compete with the dodgers in the NLCS and they can totally make it to the WS without injuries...but it will still be tough in the end against the yanks or red sox. but they can go to compete now with lee.

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    They are not favorites to win the World Series but they are now favorites to be in the NLCS with the dodgers

  • dibz
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    Idk about that. They might have trouble with the Dodgers and Cards both are real good. Lidge is a mess right now. Phils should try to get Heath Bell while Lidge is struggling.

  • Anonymous
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    Ummm heck yeah. Best Offense by far in the NL. With Lee, Hamels, and Blanton your outa here

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    like i have been saying all season..

    angels vs phillies world series angels in 6

    WITH ONE EXEPTION!! (we dont play the red sox in the ALDS)

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