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cant insert the tampon....?

this may sound ridiculous but i really cant insert a tampon!

ive had periods for the last couple of years and every now and again i try to have a go at inserting one but its just not working. it gets so far in and then it starts to hurt me. ive tried sitting down, one leg on the bath but nope...nada. im guessing its my hymen but im seriously worried that something is wrong with me and that im just not right down there :S

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    You're not alone. I have the same problem and its a total pain in the ***. I'm stuck with using pads :(

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    Hi hun it doesn't sound ridiculous, I had the same a few years ago, it could be something to do with your hymen. It may not be broken yet. I had the same problem before mine actually broke. I got to the point of just getting fed up with it not going in far enough and using pads instead.

    Once my hymen was broke (this was actually after I'd had sex for the first time) things are much easier going in to my vagina.

    I'm not saying, have sex, not at all till you're ready but there are ways to break your hymen other than sex. You can break your hymen by using tampons, masturbating and even some sports like horse riding and bike riding too. I tried some of these and in the end mine just broke during sex for the first time.

    Hope I helped.

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    Okay- I had this EXACT same problem when I was younger, so I totally feel your pain (literally!).

    I had to use the gentle glides or any other type of tampon that has a plastic applicator... have you tried that yet? It seriously helped me a TON! I have been able to use them ever since.

    Another thing- I have a friend that had the same problem. Her doctor told her she is just very tiny "down there." So that might be your case too. I suggest first trying the plastic applicators and if you aren't any better, see a doctor.

    PS: Somebody on here suggested you just keep trying even if it hurts- DO NOT DO THAT! That is very harmful to your body. I was told that if it didn't feel right, something is not right. It can cause infections and all kinds of things if you leave it.

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    Don't worry I have the exact same problem and you're not weird at all. I remember my first go was like 2 years ago and I was thinking, so where do I actually put it? It's all weird down there lol.

    But I know what you mean - you get halfway and then it hurts. This sounds strange but you've got to keep going, and really try and push it. I know it's kind of hard but honestly, once you've got past that pain, then it's just an easy bit. It will hurt quite a bit and pinch but keep going and you will get it up there.

    Then once it's up you won't feel a thing! It's like you're not on your period.

    Good luck :)

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    and water in the sink before and after application. Cleanliness is important to prevent infection.


    Step 2

    Position yourself. It is best to be over the toilet. You can spread your legs, squat, or hover--however you feel comfortable. Take the tampon out of the wrapper. Throw the wrapper into the trash or hold it to put the applicator in afterward.


    Step 3

    Insert the tampon. Take your middle finger and thumb to hold the tampon applicator at the finger gripping area (this is a grooved area on the middle of the tube). Hold the tampon at an angle while inserting it into your vagina. Slowly put it in as far as you can without letting go with your middle finger and thumb.


    Step 4

    Release tampon. To inject the tampon inside you, you must use your pointer finger (while still holding the applicator with your other two fingers) to push the outer tube in toward your body. The tampon will come out the end that is inside you.


    Step 5

    Remove the applicator. Slowly remove the whole applicator from your vagina. The removal string should be hanging down from your vagina. Throw the wrapper and applicator in the garbage can.

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    You should start with a smaller tampon. The smallest one you have. Sit on the toilet and spread your legs and just relax as you insert it. If you tense up it will be harder to do. Gently slide it in until your finger tips touch your "hole" and push in the piece that inserts the tampon. U have to be easy though because if you do it fast it wont work.

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    If it really is impossible for you to put it in, it might be your hymen. Some girls are born with a hymen with a slightly small opening in it, which prevents a tampon from going in. To fix it, all you have to do is go to the doctor's and they'll cut a little piece of it (they'll numb you, so don't worry).

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    i used to have the same problem as wouldnt go in it was soo uncomfortable and it would hurt then one day i sat on the toilet and tried to put it in all of a sudden i hear a pop and the tampon went right in and i didnt even feel it so i broke my hymen with it i guess...thats probably ur problem so u should just keep trying and u might be able to get it in if u keep trying

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    Well, depending on your age, sexual history, and size, it can be anything. If you have not had sex and the petite, or beginner's tampons are too much, you should just wait. You can also try like a sumo squat, that can be more comfortable. But if nothing works, just stick to pads, they make great ones now, like the Infinity by Tampax. Good luck!

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    you just need to find a goos position i croch a bit and put my leg on the loo seat then relax pretend you are doing something you really like and insert it gently do not force it in makes it worse, i started at 11 and i am 14 now i got the hang of it after bout 5 months you will be able to just RELAX

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    Dont worry, you can go to ur doctors or something, its ok

    Although you should relax each time before inserting it, and just relax, cos when your muscle tenses, it doesnt insert easily

    Or try using a smaller tampon


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