Tell me all about Singapore!?

Tell me all about Singapore!

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    Singapore is known to be one of the smallest countries in the whole of South East Asia. With a land area totaling up to roughly 700 square kilometer, Singapore has a total population around 4.84 millions people (in 2008) and also, Singapore has one of the highest population densities with 6389 people per square kilometer. Although the total area of Singapore is small, the GDP per capita of Singapore, $28228 ranked at the upper quadrant when compared with other countries around the world.

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    Singapore is one of the world's cleanest countries. The Airport (Changi) is a tourist attraction in itself. The zoo is most fascinating and the shopping is very good too. You shouldn't have a problem finding accommodation as there are many hotels ranging from budget to 5 Star. The internet will no doubt be able to find you many websites with travel and tourism info. If you visit Singapore make sure you fly with their national carrier Singapore Airlines. The service is very good.

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    This is a kind of late reply.... but besides all the wikipedia and tourist attraction stuff, you should really visit the forums such as sgforums or kiasuparents to dig some dirt (if you are so inclined). There's more than meets the eye in every country so i guess it wouldnt hurt to give it a try! Also, Singapore is (quite) famous for its colloquial singaporean english, otherwise known as singlish. Singlish is probably one of the best (or worst to some) way to find fellow Singaporeans when overseas.

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    check out google :)

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    Here you go...happy reading...

    By the way if you do go there, I'd recommend some bars/restaurants around Holland Village. Also for cheap but good eating, try the local markets.

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    too much... and my mouth is dry

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    y don't u discover?

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