Forensic Entomology College?

I am entering my 4 years of high school soon and I wanted to set my mind getting a scholarship out of the States.

Are there any good colleges in the Asia area (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) that specialize in forensic entomology?

Or if that is for people with masters degree, any colleges that can help me prepare for this course?

Thanks in advance!

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    I think that focusing on forensic entomology is great. I think that you need to take a step back though. Forensic entomology is extremely specialized and I think that you should focus on something a little more broad for your undergraduate majoring in entomology. You may have to major in something like biology and minor in entomology but that would be ok. By doing that, it would prepare you for going onto to focus on forensic entomology.

    I know that you are interested in studying outside of the US but consider staying in the US for college and then studying abroad for a semester or a year. Besides, you might be able to connect with some graduate students that are interested in entomology (and/or forensic entomology) and you could help them with their research. Grad. students are always looking for some extra help.

    Some colleges in the US that have an entomology program (may be a major or minor) - Auburn University, Clemson University, Cornell University, Iowa State University, Memorial University of Newfoundland (in Canada), Michigan State University, Ohio State University: Columbus Campus, Oklahoma State University, Oregon State University, Purdue University, Texas A&M University, University of California: Davis, University of California: Riverside, University of Delaware, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Maine, University of Manitoba (Canada), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Utah State University, and Washington State University.

    Good luck.

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    relies upon on the sub-speciality. as an occasion, my pastime for twenty years is in forensic anthropology (my dad became right into a forensic crime lab chief, so certainly this grew to alter into an exciting undertaking to benefit, distinctly the thank you to perceive trauma that led to demise whilst there is yet bones left for clues), this is a sub-field of the forensic sciences. Forensics is a set learn, that has many sub-fields that focuses on a single area. usually that's used for crime paintings, even nevertheless it is likewise utilized in biology and paleo/anthropology (any investigative field of learn -- biomedicine, distinctly). there is extra paintings possibilities for lab technicians (people who reflect DNA and do checking out for toxicology), as they could paintings in hospitals (distinctly pathology) and health facility sectors. once you're thinking of getting into the sphere, on a similar time as a surrogate, the suited course is interior the lab area (cyto/pathology/toxicology). From there you are able to build your credentials and bypass over into the criminal forensics field. maximum crime scene "CSI" varieties are promoted from interior of regulation enforcement (like my father), or you build your CV by using usual skill.

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