Florida Georgia unemployment appeal?

I relocated to Florida from Georgia,, Ga was going to give me the Claim, because they told me the amount and everything, however, when Ga Interstate requested info from the job where i am now working in Fl, they declined me. However i am not working) I put down that I was sub teacher for one day.. so they had to contact the school board here.. Mind you i only worked one day out of the whole time i was here for 8 months.. How can i fight this.

I should have never put that i worked for that losey one half day!!!

I am requesting an appeal, but i need to know the right words to say, so i dont get myself in bind. How can i live off of one check for 8 months come on...

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  • A.J.
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    1 decade ago
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    the unemployment system is FUBAR.

    they have terrible employees.

    they should operate under a revolving door of employment, that way, they get to fire the terrible workers they have, then hire those that are unemployed.

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