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Sea levels are falling, world temperatures are falling, what's this about global warming?

For the past ten years the average global temperature has fallen, so have sea levels (contrary to what we are frequently told by the global warming nutters), there is more ice cover, so where is the evidence for global warming?


Do all you global warming nutters disbelieve the evidence fom NASA's multitude of satellites or do you prefer the bogus information given out by organisations that gain financially by perpetuating the myth of global warming.

Oddly enough it's the self same bodies that were predicting a new ice age not so long ago.

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    as wikipedia would say

    'citation needed'

    ......................just as a side note, last year (IIRC) was the lowest levels of arctic sea ice in recorded history. this year is just as bad

    {edit} so you followed up your Q with another rant.... I see you still haven't included any citations though.

    there's probably a word to describe someone who accuses other people of being nutters, but can't cite any evidence for his stance................. like 'believer', sheeple, dogmatic idiot

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    As a visual animal I do tend to believe at first everything that I see, although I do like to touch, taste and smell (feel) it to be sure. What is less certain is the explanations and then the reasons that cocky scientists like to force down everyone else's throats. It is never the fault of those that are actually burning more energy than everyone else.

    I do believe in cycles of life and nature though, from my life of observations and on reflection for all our arrogance I do feel that we are insignificant in terms of global recurrences. I do believe we are due for another ice age but this has nothing to do with sea levels. The global warming nutters as you call them do believe that if we loose the ozone layer and the sun heats the planet up the further global consequences will be an ice age. I however did not study climate or environment at university.

    These "nutters" are convinced this is our fault; just like you are convinced it is not. Whatever, I believe that the ice age is coming! It used to be the end of the world, now it is just an ice age.

    If land mass is corroded by the oceans, eg. the white cliffs of Dover amongst others, then I suppose the sea level will fall. I do not think that this is because more children in the hot weather will go to the beeches with their buckets and spades!

    I find your attitude funny. I do not believe that anything is bogus, just the explanations, N.A.S.A.'s, yours and the nutters' all a little naive. Just out of interest you aren't an adolescent male are you?

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    Well the oceans are raising, the temperatures are no longer hot or cold, they are becoming warm instead of varied.

    Off the coast of Greenland, in a mass of air and water between Iceland, there is a COLD PUMP that circulates and draws the warm air up from the gulf stream. As the air comes up the coast of eastern US, it is cooled and sent back down in a circulating, convection pattern. There are many of these PUMP systems around the world that keep the cold areas cold, and the temperate areas temperate.

    Anyway, the earth goes through these ice age, and temperate cycles every so many 10,000 years, with tiny warm ups and cool downs in the temperate times. In 1776 during Washington's battle (crossing the Delaware) and in Battle of 1812, were some of the worst weather conditions for war. These happended during those cooling times.

    When these pumps get messed up by temperature change, through global warming, the temperatures in all areas of the earth get warmer, changing the average global temperature to a more even, cooler temperature. Global warming is a misnomer, it will actually cause the earth to cool.

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    Seattle has had temperatures over 100 degrees F recently. They've never had temperatures that high since Seattle started recording temperatures in the 1890s. Sounds like Global Warming to me.

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    The average global temperature anomaly from HadCRUT3 (the longest surface station record) for the past 10 years is +0.41C.

    The average global temperature for the previous 10 years was +0.24C.

    The last 10 years are the warmest on record and are warmer than the previous 10.

    Even if you want to be completely stupid and compare individual years, 10 years ago was 1999. Average 1999 temperature anomaly was +0.296C. 2009 so far is +0.403C.

    EDIT: Ice cover: the Antarctic seems well protected by the ACC, with recent growth in sea ice, but land ice results are similar to those expected from warming. Greenland is losing significant ice mass: in 2007 it lost over 270 billion tonnes:

    The lowest Arctic Summer area minimum was 2007, followed by 2008, then 2005. 2009 is currently tracking below 2008 but above 2007:

    2008 was likely the lowest volume, with very thin ice:

    As far as I know, mean glacial extent across the globe has shrunk every year since 1970. This decade has seen faster loss than any other on record:

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  • John W
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    1 decade ago

    The same NASA that says the global temperatures have risen 0.7 to 1.4 degrees F ?

    Or maybe you're talking about satellites around another planet?

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    If you take a look at the following site i'm pretty sure it will answer most of your questions about global warming.

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    I agree with Cherry explosion. Show some PROOF or offer some sources for your statements. If you want PROOF that disagrees with you then check out MTRstudent's details.

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    Global Warming is just an excuse for conservative green parties to collect donations and rant on about bullshit

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  • Anonymous
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    "there is more ice cover" ?!?!? ARE YOU INSANE?!?! where did you get this "information" or has someone brainwashed you?

    If youre going to say something like that, at least quote where you got it from so people would take you a little seriously

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