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Some english Q

How to use answer back & call off & come out to & put up with into the sentences ?




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    Answer back

    To reply impertinently or rudely.

    e.g. Well-behaved children do not answer back when scolded.

    Call off

    a. to distract; take away

    e.g. Please call off your dog.

    b. to cancel (something) that had been planned for a certain date

    e.g. The performance was called off because of rain.

    Come out

    a. to be published; appear.

    e.g. Her new novel will come out on August.

    b. to become known; be revealed.

    e.g. The truth comes out eventually.

    c. to make a debut in society, the theater, etc.

    e.g. It was the first time she came out on stage last night.

    d. to end; terminate; emerge.

    e.g. The fight came out badly, as both combatants were injured.

    e.g. to make more or less public acknowledgment of being homosexual.

    Put up

    a. to construct; erect.

    e.g. He puts up the stick.

    b. to can (vegetables, fruits, etc.); preserve (jam, jelly, etc.).

    e.g. My Grandma is used to putting up vegetables, fruits, jam and jelly etc.

    c. to set or arrange (the hair).

    e.g. Before going to the ball, she has her hair put up.

    d. to provoke; prompt; incite

    e.g. Someone put him up to calling us.

    e. to accommodate; lodge.

    e.g. We can put all of you up for the night.

    f. to endure; tolerate; bear:

    e.g. I couldn't put up with the noise any longer.

    g. to propose as a candidate; nominate

    e.g. Someone is going to put him up for president.

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