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1. 回覆別人: 我會盡快將消息告知 : 英文是怎樣寫?

2. advice or advise 是相同用法嗎?

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    1. 回覆別人: 我會盡快將消息告知 : 英文是怎樣寫?

    I will inform XXX of the news as soon as possible.

    XXX = the person

    advice = noun

    He gave me a good piece of advice.

    advise = verb

    He advised me to go to the doctor.

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    "advices" can mean "消息".

    I will inform XXX of the advices as soon as possible.

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    I will inform XXX of the advices as soon as possible.

    advices can mean "消息".

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    1.I will inform as soon as possible the news

    2.advice = noun (n)勸告,忠告 消息,報告

    advise = verb (vt) 勸告,忠告

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    don't give up, your English is ok.

    1. 我會盡快將消息告知 = I will tell him shortly. or .... I will inform him soon. or .... I will confirm it soon.

    2. they are the same.

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    I will keep you informed/ posted as soon as possible.

    advice 係名詞

    I want your advice.


    Please advise us of any change in your plan.


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    1. 我會盡快將消息告知-->呢句說話唔完整

    i will inform ______(人名) as soon as possible.

    i will inform ______(人名) immediately.

    2 advice (n) eg: I want your advice, sir. I don't know what to do.


    advise (vt) eg: We advised him against acting in haste.


    一個係名詞一個係動詞 ,唔同用法架~

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    1. I would inform you the news as quick as possible.

    2. Advice is a noun.The meaning is a suggestion given by somebody. Advise is a verb. The meaning is to suggest something to somebody.

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