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    In fact, the country's space technology has developed very fast and advanced letter, and in 2008 China's manned space flight has been successfully and leave the spacecraft, space walk, witnessing a new chapter in aviation history. In fact, the Chinese space Benthan their status only after the United States as the world's second. There is no urgency for them to accept this great charity, on the contrary, residents of rural areas but the quality of daily living a low-life, health and education is very imperfect, and the situation is quite urgent, so that the money down into their hands is a matter of course.

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    China's astronautics science and technology has developed the non-ordinary mail actually fast and has been advanced, China has succeeded the man-in-space flight in 2008, and leaves the space ship, carries on the outer space to slow pace, testimony aircraft history new page. Actually, the Chinese Bunsen photometer its astronautics status is only is only inferior to the US, becomes the whole world second. They do not have anxious to accept this huge offering really, on the contrary, the countryside resident actually every day is spending the low innate nature life, the medical service and the education is also is quite imperfect, moreover the situation is quite urgent, therefore, this offering falls into their hand is also natural.

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    China's space technology has been developing rapidly and is already very advanced. In 2008, China successfully carried people to space, and even had them leave the spaceship to wander in space, turning a new page in the history of areospace. In fact, the space technology in China ranks only after the United States, as the second in the world. They really do not have any urgent need for this huge amount of charitable donation. On the contrary. the farmers in the villages are enduring inferior quality of life on a daily basis, with inadequate education and medical care, and the situation is rather desperate. Therefore, it is both reasonable and appropriate, for this donation to land in their hands.

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