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20點 急~急!!!! 英文”小”短文


請幫我用一篇 有關invention的演講150字左右+3個問題

參考: light bulb

alarm clock


safety pin




拜託 20點~~~~~

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    Exactly who invented the light bulb?

    Due to Thomas Edison’s invention of light bulbs, to generate the light, nowadays, only requires one (第三人稱代詞) a single “click.” After the power source been turned on, an electric current (電流) would pass through a thin filament (細線), thereby heating it until it produces light, as well as heat.

    In 1800’s, it was Humphry Davy who found out the fact that it is possible to generate light by passing current through a thin platinum (白金). The light, however, was neither bright enough, nor least long enough to be practical (實用). Yet, it gave Edison a model to follow. Eventually, Edison created the first commercially practical incandescent lamp (有商業利益的白熾燈).

    Although Edison was not the first person who invented the light bulb, it was him who introduced the following concept (觀念) to increase the life of the bulb: “it is possible for it [the lamp] to burn hundreds of hours as long as it [the lamp] contains a high resistance (電阻) [filament] in a very high vacuum (真空) [condition].”


    Question 1:

    Was Edison the first person who invented the light bulb?

    No, Humphry Davy was the first person who invented the light bulb.

    Question 2:

    What was the metal Davy chose to use for his first sample of the light bulb?

    Platinum was the metal he chose for the light bulb.

    Question 3:

    What was the concept introduced by Edison?

    The filament of the light bulb should not only have high resistance, but be placed a high vacuum condition.



    (...) 裡的詞為解釋

    “… ” 裡的詞為Edison 當初所說的話

    […] 裡的詞為後人為了解釋而加進去的話

    Source(s): 以上範文皆為親手寫製 凡有偷襲必定檢舉
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