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    There was a teacher and some of the classmates in her class were

    planning to have a picnic outside. Everybody was agree to go out and

    they were all very happy.The date of the picnic day is twenty and two

    at September twenty th. The day is Friday.When it's eight 'o clock,

    they depart with bus.At twelve,they arrived the destination.They

    picnic on the grass.But soon,it rain.Somebody's sad,but most people

    are happy,because they got a great day with everyone.

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    There is a teacher who told some students that they are going to have a picnic outside. Everyone is so happy and the date of picnic is on Friday,20th in September 2002.

    Before leaving for rhe picnic, each one is so happy. They took a tour bus on 8 o'clockin the morning then arrived at grond on 12 o'clock and started to enloy their meals.

    But it started to rain in a minute, some people felt so sad and others felt so happy.

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