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Easiest, safest, most cost effective way to give a 2004 civic an extra 100 HP?

what is the easiest, safest, most cost effective way to give a 2004 civic an extra 100 HP? I was considering buying a new sportier car but a friend has told me that most civics can be customized so much that the HP can rival many other new sporty cars for a fraction of the price. My civic has an 1.7L 16V SOHC engine with 115hp @ 6100 RPM My goal is to add 100 HP making it 215 hp. Any help?

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    1. Define safe? You can be safe if whoever is working on your car knows what they are doing whether it be nitrous or forced induction. After the hardware its all in the tuning.

    2.100 Hp on your civic WILL cost you a substantial amount of cash. SOHC's are not lost causes. I've built and owned many reliable, boosted, fun SOHC's pushing well over 200+hp on conservative psi with a budget.

    *Oh and speaking about cost effectiveness, why would you go out and spend another 10,000 to get a FA or FG civic si, instead of building your current car to be MUCH faster than the si? I mean if you want to, go for it. I do like the new 4 door Si's but I think they are terribly overated and overpriced, just my two cents.

    I believe the best route to go is forced induction. Research turbo kits for your car or if you have the knowledge piece one together. DO NOT cut corners or your car WILL suffer consequences in the end. Get a reputable tuner to tune your car once on boost. Consider purchasing and installing forged internals for reliablity and to handle more boost/hp. Always remember when it comes to building a performance car, a fast and cheap car isn't reliable, a reliable and fast car isn't cheap.

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    Very bad model to work with. SOHC = bad. Their isn't much you can do to make 100 HP safely or in a cost effective way. Sorry. Most civics can be modified to be very sporty, yours is the rare exception. The only option is an engine swap, but that would be very expensive, you would be better off starting over with a different car. Just buy a Civic Si. A 2006 - 2009 civic si has 197 HP stock, a good exhaust and air intake would bring it up to 210. Your model isn't worth modifying unless you want to dump thousands in to it.

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    How many miles are on the car?Never go nitrous all it does it brake stuff.Id do a small turbo and a full exhaust start out low on the turbo boost then punch it up a lil if you are not satisfied.100hp is alot tho.I have a 3000gt vr4 with twin turbos each running 9psi (stock) and I get 100hp from them granted there smaller then donuts lol...But yea a small turbo 12 psi and you should be happy.The good thing about the turbo is that if you are not spooling it up you will get dam good gas mileage.i was a mustang guy s/c on all 5 that i had and im telling u turbo is where it is at.NO NITROUS

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    call Triple A and have it towed...

    The engine in the flatbed tow truck would easily have the power you are looking for.

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