To achieve things through education and hard work, and competition makes one stronger and better in the wor?

Can someone help me analyze this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    is that last word worK?

    well, this is basically telling you to work hard to achieve something, put your mind to it.

    oh maybe last word is WORLD.

    education and hard work are sacrifices you do, to what ever it is you want to achieve.

    to compete makes you work more because then you need to level up with your competitor.

    prepare you to lose and a a spirit back to win.

    to make u a stronger person just in case you lose you need to back up again, and if you do that, you then abselutely become a stronger person than u were before.

    why is it a better world?

    if everyone tries and not give up just like that one person that's getting stronger, world is going to be filled with people with high quality and respect for them self, their work, and others.

    u gotta put it in ur own words as my words are not so convincing.

    Source(s): brain. hope that helps
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