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yugioh insect deck rate/fix?

pleaze rate my insect deck and any suggestions are appreciated. thanx.


paracite paracite x3

maneater bug x2

8-claws scorpion

pinch hopper x3

millenium scorpion x3

chainsaw insect

doom dozer x3

howling insect


skull marked ladybug


insect queen


jade insect whistle

mask of the accursed

insect imitation x2

heavy storm

multiplication of ants

lightning storm

insect barrier x2


radiant mirror force

drain shield

magic cylinder

negate attack

7 tools of the bandit

last turn

nightmare wheel

blast held by a tribute

DNA surgery

torrential tribute

thats all pleaze let me no what u think =)

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    Insect Knight and Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior are pretty strong level 4 monsters (1900 atk each). You might want to consider adding Insect Imitation and Ultimate Insects LV 5 and 7. That way, you can summon a level 4 monster, use Insect Imitation to pull out Ultimate LV 5, and when your next turn starts, you'll have the 2800 ATK Ultimate Insect LV 7, along with a -700 ATK and DEF decrease for your opponent's monsters. Take out Last Turn, it's banned. If you can get a Mirror Force, put it in instead of Radiant Mirror Force, but if you can't, then that's fine.

    -2 Parasite Paracide

    -1 Maneater Bug

    -1 Millenium Scorpion

    -1 Multiplication of Ants

    -1 Insect Barrier

    +1 MST

    +1 Insect Imitation

    +2 Ultimate Insect LV5

    +1 Ultimate Insect LV7

    +1 Aztekipede the Insect Warrior or Insect Knight, depends

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): This guy I knew who used an Insect deck and kicked my butt
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    overlook appropriate to the dude above his suggestion is undesirable you dont choose for to characteristic them as its complicated to get out and you will not at all draw them 4/10 there's a lot new assist you go with for for this deck so make it like this 3 gigaplant 3 lonefire blossom 2 blazewing butterfly 2 doom dozer 2 antizkapede the malicious program warrior 3 insect knight 2 metallic armored malicious program (sp summon with gigaplant) 2 grasschopper a million needle malicious program 3 swing of innovations a million monster reborn 3 card of risk-free return a million untimely burial a million smashing floor 2 lightning vortex a million fee down a million fissure 3 sakuretsu armor (or a million replicate rigidity) 2 bottomless seize hollow 2 straight forward charity

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    Ok, well it needs a lot of work. Not so many trap cards.- only 5 or 4!!

    Next have some startegy. Actually just forget this deck. Not that its that bad but insect types wont really get you anywhre when dueling the pros . So just get a warriors synchro deck becuz with insects vs syncros ur dead. So get some warriors or some dragons

    Hope dis helps

    Source(s): 3 years of dueling
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    I really think that this deck is totally sad.

    Try Plants.

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