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Are African clawed frogs legal in Virginia?

i cant find any info on them if they are legal in virginia, so i decided to ask here, so are they? and do you think an african clawed frog will eat a 4"-5" gourami and a 4" african butterfly fish? i dont think he can, my needlefish can't eat a 3" goldfish and he is 8"-9" long


eh i didnt say goldfish, i said gourami and can u explain me why ABF and ACF arent compatible? i mean my ABF always floats at the top and grabs no fishe's attention, and frogs stay at the bottom dont they?

Update 2:

oh and i mean ABF arent that aggressive mine only likes to attack small fish like danios that are very small and swim at the top, also how much do ACFs cost at petsmart? does petsmart carry them?

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    Yes, they're legal, but African Butterfly fish and African clawed Frogs, aren't compatible. Also, goldfish and ABF aren't compatible either, African Butterfly fish are aggressive, do not add an African Clawed Frog to the aquarium.

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