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Anyone else think Anderson Silva is too cocky?

In a recent interview he talked **** about Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort and said said Mauricio Shogun Rua didn't deserve a title shot after his two wins against Mark Coleman and Chuck Lidell. This by the way is an idiotic comment, because Anderson Silva got a title shot after 1 fight in the UFC against Chris Leben. I think Anderson Silva has gotten too cocky for his own good. He is the only person in the history of professional MMA to be caught in a flying scissor heel hook. I think Anderson Silva is a great fighter, but his his 2 fights were embarassing to MMA against Cote and Leites. I cant wait to see Belfort Maia or Henderson get a crack at Silva. Look at this video it is embarassing.

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When you look at the facts tho Anderson Silva won 1 fight to get a shot at the title and Shogun won 2 fights so he has no room to talk. And look at his last 2 fights. He didnt engage his opponents. It doesnt matter if your opponent is evading you it is your job as the champion to push the action and engage your opponent whether on the ground or on your feet

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The fact is people pay to see good fights and hes getting paid hundreds of thousands to put on a good show. Thales Leites flopped around like a fish and i more to blame, but once again he is the champion and he needed to engage.

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    i agree, he talks sh*t but in his last fight he just layed back and didnt fight,if he is as good as he thinks he is he should have won 1st round. i hope Griffin beats the crap out of him just to bring him back down to reality..

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    Anderson Silva went threw Leban like butter in his first ever UFC fight and Dana White flat out said that if you go threw some one of note like that you might get your self a title shot. Shogun Rua looked awful against Coleman. Coleman was old and running out of breath and the younger man ,Rua, could not capitalize cause he was to out of breath him self. Then he took out Chuck Liddell. Chuck Liddell was great but at this point he is predictable. Also Chuck was getting old in UFC terms and he should of kept his hands higher. I think he has said it him self. He more or less said " My hands tend to drop when I'm going in on someone." He knows it. His trainer even said they were gonna work on that before that fight. Andersen's fight's were not embarrassing. They were just not what the typical MMA fan wants to see. He is a counter puncher. That's how he fights. So people started saying I'm just not gonna strike wild and get caught.They said to them self's that they were gonna slow down and out think this guy. Anderson stuck to his plan and waited to counter an attack. A true sign of a great fighter is sticking to your plan. You don't know **** about Brazilian JJ i'm guessing so I'll just ignore the heel hook comment. Also Anderen and Silva have a thing. They don't like each other . Didn't mean to sound angry bout the heel hook thing

    Edit. That is total B.s. Your saying a fighter can be a strict counter puncher and gain the title like that but now he has to abandon what works for him and learn to fight a new way because you are not entertained. Lots of people are entertained enough by just running threw there head what Andersen is doing. Just seeing it done on high level fighters is entertaining.

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    No, Anderson isn't too cocky, I think he is humble but thinks he is one of the best out there and does his thing in the ring. Right now he is on the best streak in the UFC, hands down.

    A guy who is too cocky would be Melvin Guillard, talking insane amounts of trash, then getting tapped in 30 seconds. Or a guy like Marlon Sims from TUF 5 saying he has over 170 streetfight victories. Then getting knocked out of the tournament, then house.

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    anderson silva had a bigger weight behind him though......the shogun comment is completly true shogun almost got tko'd in the first 30 seconds against coleman and couldnt even finish until rnd 3...then he beat chuck liddell who was coming off a ko loss to rashad and had lost 3 of his last 5 can you really blame anderson for being against wandi and shogun....wandi has had his fair share of comments to anderson and shogun is facing andersons friend in lyoto machida of course anderson is gonna talk some smack....and no its not embarrassing you just have to let go of your love for vitor,wandi and shogun and look at it from andersons point of view

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    uhh.. sometimes. but other times he seams like my dream man. the time he was seen eating tuna on fifth street he seemed a little too into himself(if you know what i'm sayin)

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