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How safe is St. Croix and/or what towns are the most crime ridden?

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    Statistics my A**. Some of yall cant even locate the V.I on a map and have the nerves to talk. the V.I is made up of eight islands and several cays and keys 4 are U.S and the other 4 British.

    U.S.V.I= st.thomas, st.john, st.croix, and water island

    B.V.I= jost van dyke, virgin gorda, anegada, and tortola

    the states isnt the safest place in the world and neither is the caribbean every where have a share of violence but to every 100,000 people theres 45 murders a year isnt bad. There is only about 145,000 maybe 150,000 people on all eight islands in total so thats good and that doesnt mean all came from st.croix or any island it could be and all around total. Dont make it seem like the V.I is bad because if you never been dont hate. I can tell you it's much safer than new york city because i have been and i've seen someone get mugg and my cuz is gonna tell me dont worry. Atleast in the V.I we fend for our people aint nobody going get mug and things aint happen, aint nobody going get murdered and nobody aint do nothing or know nothing.

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  • in 2007, the FBI statisics showed the following:

    For every 100,000 people in the mainland USA, there are on average 4.5 murders per year.

    For every 100,000 people in the Virgin Islands (a US territory) there were 45 murders.

    TO answer your question, your better off going to Downtown Detroit for vacation, and would probably have the odds in your favor to avoid being murdered

    Source(s): Been there, lived it
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