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What is the best place to shop for baggy jeans for back to school?

I'm gonna be a freshman so I thought I should definitely go into high school looking right. By the way, I'm a boy

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    you can try, hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, aeropostale, and pacsun ! :) they all sell really nice jeans that fit the way you would want them too.

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    go to ross or something not a place in the mall and pic out some nice brand name jeans and get a cheap pair too go in the dressing room and swtich the tags alot of people do this and never get caught. im not saying ive done it oh me no how silly. anyways the key is just to make the smallest hole possible so it looks like you didnt tinker with the price tag its very easy and you can do it quick. you can get a pair of 30 dollar jeans for like 8 bucks. and if you do get caught at the register, say you found them that way and you cant get in trouble. but that wont likely happen. just go to an old lady who dosent know her brand names and how much stuff costs good luck. you can also practice with clothes you have bought. you can do this with shorts or shirts anything with a tag

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    im a high school girl and baggy jeans WAS the ideal look for guys

    but go for the jeans that are not TOOO SKINNY please but are a bit baggy and that are actually to the waste

    * check the picture out

    TRY the stores H&M, etc.

    hope i helped


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    i think of you record is a exceptionally good record. you should do maximum of your cloths finding out to purchase at places like forever21, moist seal, and you will seem up love culter (check available website) numerous those shops have exceptionally good expenditures which you're able to have the capability to get extra clothing then that. Your funds is exceptionally small (noffense) additionally, i've got tried a number of elfs makeup products and there exceptionally ok, yet dont get a black eyeshadow (it sucks!) yet basically the black one. i think of you're able to be able to desire to have the capability to get those products for decrease than that quantity. -3 pairs of denims -5 difficulty-loose tops -4 camis -2 shorts -a million cardigan -shoes -and little jewerly once you do decrease back to college finding out to purchase you should objective to have adequate new clothing which you're able to have the capability to bypass the full week with new clothing. additionally because of the fact your budgets kinda small you are able to attempt appearing a number of those products to get somewhat extra funds -stroll canines -sell jewerly or different domicile made products -sell your previous clothing and different issues you dont use on ebay (that's rapid funds :) ) -sparkling others properties or ask your mom to pay you for chours -wash automobiles -host your guy or woman little summer season camp to your associates youngsters and charge human beings $25 for the day. Plsan some relaxing activities for them like video games or activities. i for my area desire i helped and $250 isn't social suicide, you will seem super :)

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    Pacific Sun.. is that the name of the place? My brother shops there and his pants look baggy

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    Aren't all the boys wearing girl jeans these days?

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    Check with President Obama. He may let you borrow the ones he wore at the All Star game.

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    anchor blue has a lot of selections on baggy jeans.

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    at holliister they sell them for guys and the look awesome

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    "i dress like this to look different"

    "you all dress differently exactly the same"

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