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pick winners for these matches?

1. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney v LOD (ECW Tag Team Championship Tables Match)

2. The Dudley Boyz v The Godwinns v Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

3. Demolition v New Age Outlaws v Duece and Domino v Cryme Tyme World Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way

4. Chris Sabin vs Billy Kidman vs The Brian Kendrick vs Jimmy Rave vs Suicide (X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match)

5. Tommy Dreamer v Sandman (Hardcore Championship Match)

6. Christopher Daniels,Jay Lethal,Chavo Guerrero,Dean Malenko,Tyson Kidd, Elix Skipper, Evan Bourne, Jushin Liger, Kaz, Tiger Mask, Gregory Helms, Jerry Lynn (12 Man Battle Royal Cruiserweight Championship Match )

7. Drew McIntyre v Dave Taylor (European Championship Match)

8. Dawn Marie v Candice Michelle v Trish Stratus (Knockout's Championship Match Triple Threat)

9. Eve Torres v Maryse v Jillian Hall v Ashley (Diva's Championship Fatal Four Way Match)

10. Lita v Mickie James Women's (Championship Match)

11. MVP v Shelton Benjamin v Robert Roode v Umaga v Jack Swagger v Ted Dibiase, Jr. (Television Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

12. King Booker v Mr. Kennedy v Ken Shamrock v Elijah Burke v Ezekiel Jackson v Carlito (United States Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

13. Chris Masters v Cody Rhodes v Jake "The Snake" Roberts v Mr. Perfect v The Miz v William Regal (Intercontinental Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

14. Bobby Lashley v The Undertaker v Goldberg v Shawn Michaels v John Cena v Chris Benoit (ECW Championship Elimination Chamber)

15. Chris Jericho v Triple H v John Morrison v Bret "The Hitman" Hart v Rob Van Dam v Eddie Guerrero

16. Edge v "Stone Cold" Steve Austin v Rock v Brock Lesner v AJ Styles v Kurt Angle (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber)

For BA select winners for each match and runners up for matches 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. and rate each match (all 16)


Cena is champ- here is how i figured who goes where i got a bunch of wreslters (probably around 600) from ecw, wwe, tna and wcw. then i divided them into different catagories (main event, divas, managers/ringside, midcarders, tag teams, and cruiserweights) i put each name in alphabetical order, then every third name went to either raw smackdown or ecw. thats how cena ended up on ecw. my intent was for ecw to be the old one

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    1. LOD

    Rating: 7

    2. The Dudley Boyz

    Runner Up: Cade and Murdoch

    Rating: 8

    3. New Age Outlaws

    Runner Up: Crime Tyme

    Rating: 8.5

    4. Chris Sabin

    Runner Up: Billy Kidman

    Rating: 7.5

    5. Sandman

    Rating: 7

    6. Dean Malenko

    Runner Up: Jushin Liger

    Rating: 10

    7. Dave Taylor

    Rating: 7.5

    8. Trish Stratus

    Runner Up: Candice Michelle

    Rating 6.5

    9. Who cares?

    Rating: 0

    10. Lita

    Rating: 8.5

    11. Shelton Benjamin

    Runner Up: MVP

    Rating: 7.5

    12. Ken Shamrock

    Runner Up: Mr. Kennedy

    Rating: 7

    13. Mr. Perfect

    Runner Up: The Miz

    Rating: 6

    14. Chris Benoit

    Runner Up: Shawn Michaels

    Rating: 8.5

    15. Rob Van Dam

    Runner Up: Bret Hart

    Rating: 10

    16. AJ Styles

    Runner Up: Kurt Angle

    Rating: 10

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    1. The Road Warriors beats the Rotten brothers in 30 seconds with the Doomsday Device on Axel Rotten.

    2. Team 3D win when D Von pins Murdoch.

    3. Ax and Smash stomp a mud hole in the rest and mop it dry.

    4. Suicide pins Kendrick

    5. Dreamer pins Sandman (not that anyone cares)

    6. Daniels wins

    7. Taylor (but who cares?)

    8. Trish

    9. Ashley

    10. Lita

    11. Roode

    12. Booker

    13. Hennig

    14. HBK

    15. Hart

    16. Lesnar

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    LOD via use of spike

    Dudley Boyz

    New Age Outlaws

    Sabin and Kidman get the X at the same time so they have a regular match 2 a hr time limit draw so the 2nd match Sabin wins


    Liger with Daniels as 2nd place

    Drew McIntyre

    Dawn Marie


    Lita in a great match

    Robert Roode...the real 2nd coming of Dibiase haha

    Elijah Burke

    Mr. Perfect

    Benoit with HBK in 2nd :s

    Jericho with Hart in 2nd

    Comes down to Edge vs Styles and Styles gets the win, but it was a close one

  • Anonymous
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    sorry man i'm just going to answer two:

    14. John Cena the winnner (for ECW are you serious?)

    16. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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    you're askin way too much bro

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