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if speed is my goal will a road bike be that much better than a mountain with slick tires?


Also I can average about 16-17 on the mountan bike. What could I expect with a road bike.

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    absolutely! the road bike will be significantly lighter & will usually have much larger cranks that result in higher gearing. I would not be surprised if you could average 2-4 mph faster on a road bike right off the bat.

    I just recently bought my 1st road bike (2mos ago) after riding mountain for many years & that is what I experienced

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    A road bike will definitely be better like the others have said. If you do 16-17 on a mountain bike, you'll probably average 19-20 (maybe more)on a road bike. It takes less effort to ride a road bike due to the aerodynamics, riding position and weight of the bike. Make sure that if you buy that you get fitted first. Comfort is everything. By the way, on a paved hill, you will blow away a mountain bike due to the lighterweight of a road bike.

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    At 16-17 mph on level ground you should see 20-21 with the same amount of effort on a road bike. A road bike will climb better then a mountain bike because you are not wasting energy in the shocks and the bike is a lot liter.

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    Road bike - Mountain Bikes are for the dirt and go slower. I am not sure what speed you could do, but the road bike goes real fast.

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    Yes, yes and yes.

    The frame weight, the geometry and especially the gearing is different. I have both. My road bike will run circles around my mountain bike (with slick tires) 24/7, 365 on pavement.

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    very interesting question

    A mountain bike is good for hills because it converts your energy into good climbing power, while a spped bike is more for speed

    Thats why when in the tour de france they have to pedal so hard the bike goes left and right cause its made for speed not power

    The tires are more for grip, and will slow you down a bit, the slicks will give you the best speeds, but without a flat road its like being on ice

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    I say yes. The gears on road bike gets longer distance on every turn per revolution off the foot peddle.

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    yes. road bikes are also more aerodynamic and lighter as well, allowing you to excel in slopes.

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    yes, a little better. it wont make you into lance, but you will see a gain because of the narrower, higher pressure tires, the lighter weight and better position.

  • yup... road bikes are build for speed :-)

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