what 3 players,teams and coaches are under the most pressure this nfl season?

Sorry its a little long but here goes

3 players

tony romo- they released the players that where problems(supposely) for tony romo and honestly i think people are going to realize this season he is not that good

Matt Cassel-big extension for this guy and people are expecting him to produce like he did last season. I would like to see this guy do well but honestly I think he was just another qb who was made by the pats system like tom brady and people are going to see that he isnt that good

reggie bush- loved this guy been a fan since his usc days. I always felt the media overhyped him by labeling him "the next big thing". this is his 4th year i feel like if he doesnt have a big year this year people are gonna label him a bust. I dont think he but thats how most people gonna see it

honorable mentions

chad johnson-horrible season last year he needs a big year to prove to everyone that he is still a top 5 or 10 wr

jay culter- my favorite qb who was done wrong by denver but thats another story. gotta alot of pressure on him to show everyone he was worth the fuss

TO-Gotta show everyone he is still a game changing wr

LT- Needs to prove to everyone he still has it and show people he can stay heathly


Dallas Cowboys- I mean is the any doubt that this team has the most pressure on them.

San Diego Chargers- Has been the most talented team in the league the past few years and its think they show people why because their window is closing

Minnesota Vikings- Not even including the brett favre talk. this team choked it up in last year playoffs. This team is a what some people call a sexy team to pick to win the super bowl. These viking remind me of the old viking back during the randy moss and carter team.Alot of hype but always choke in the big game. This team needs to show people that they are the real deal.

honorable mentions: New York Jets,Giants,Broncos,Dolphins, Eagles



josh mcdaniels- this guy has came in and destoryed my favorite team. He took a great offense and destoryed it. Then he goes into the draft and picks a running back with the first pick when this team just signed like 5 rbs. Got rid of culter and now has pissed of brandon marshall.He is gonna be just another pats assistant coach who isnt gonna win

wade phillps- poor guy he will probably get fired if the cowboys dont goto the playoffs and win. It not his fault that team with to hell. Jerry Jones did it too. I fear that this will be his last season

Marvin Lewis- He had one good year and he has done anything since then. I think if the bengals play horrible this year then its gonna be his last season too

honorable mentions-Rex Ryan, Jack Rio,Dick Jauron


thank you i appreciate that

Update 2:

yea eli is probably the only qb i know who has won a super bowl and still has alot of pressure on him this season. I liked eli every since he played with old miss(my favorite college team) but I think he gotta show people that he can win without having game changing wr like buress

Update 3:

Yea I was going put russell in my top 3 but i thought bout it because russell has a weaker team than those guys but I still think its a put up or shut year for him

Update 4:

sean payton i forgot about him. yea its a put year for him too. i think the saints have made improvements on defense. i feel like this is the year that they can go deep in the playoffs

Update 5:

darts i agree about the ravens i dont think they ever gonna past the steelers. I dont have the offense and they have lost alot on defense

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    Top 3 Players under the radar:

    1. Romo: horrible stats in the month of December. If it's not for his early succes in the begining of the season the Cowgirls might never make it to the playoffs. AND he also has one of the worst playoff records as a playoff contending starting QB. Tony Romo = Marty Schottenheimer for playoff QB's .

    2. Chad JO: his mouth is louder than his play. As I like to call him T.O. jr. he helps ruin his team more than he does help with his mouth on and off the field. He is the epitemy of the saying "there is no "I" in team".

    3. T.O.: he will do to the Bills exactly what he did to the Eagles and the Cowboys when he first joined them. He WILL have good stats and make some great plays, he is a good reciever. BUT he is T.O. It's going to be his second year with the Bills that I'm interested in seeing. His first years with the Eagles and Cowboys he was a huge impact but then became comfortable and started reading his own headlines. Both the Eagles and Cowboys looked to him to become a better team when he joined. And both teams did make an impact(in comparison to the previous season T.O. joined) in his first year with both. But it was his second year with both teams where he DESTROYED everything they had accomplished as a team. Could you imagine him as a starting QB with his mouth and attitude? The bigger the ego the bigger the downfall. If he was a QB he would remind me of a Jeff George. All the talent but his bark was louder than his bite. I'm pretty sure every critic has said the same to T.O.'s down spiral "shut up and play the game" And who are you T to ever say and I quote "Jerry Rice couldn't hold my jock strap" (referring to the end of T.O.'s playing days with the 49ers). I think T.O. should've gotten a Time Out a long time ago.

    Top 3 coaches under the radar:

    1. Marvin Lewis: Bungles consist of a great QB and a mouth that won't shut up. The rest have pretty much produced nothing with the exception of Houshmenzhusdbvs(recently signed as a free agent w/ Seattle, good move T.J.). Personally I'm surprised Lewis made it this long as the Bungles head coach. What confuses me the most is that Lewis has such a great Defensive mind but never used his strengths to make the Bungles into Bengles. This will be his last year cause he is competing against the STEELERS(best team EVER!!! STAIRWAY TO SEVEN!!!!!!!) and the Ravens for the division. Marvin Lewis will be "never more" as a Bungles head coach.

    2. Wade Phillips: mainly due to Romo's poor performances in

    December(s) and the playoffs. And a lil help from T.O. destroying what chances the Cowgirls had for a future dynasty. Plus he has Jerry Jones as an owner. Uhm yeah. Phillips is gone within the next two seasons.

    Number three is tough so I broke it down to:

    3a. Josh McDaniels: I agree with you on this guy. I don't know how he didn't get fired already. He destroyed this team before he even coached it yet. Not a good start. Because of Frosh McDanyells "too much", San Diego should break an NFL record for most division wins for the next decade.

    3b. Rex Ryan: only because it's a NY team. NY fans expect way too much from there teams.

    3c. Dick Jauron: he had the best team going into week 6 last year and all of a sudden fell apart through the rest of the season. Plus he just recieved T.O. which might prolong his stay a few more years since his QB just retired but now he has to compete with Tuna's Dolphins and the Patsies.

    Top 3 teams under media attention this year:

    1. THE STEELERS: first because they are the SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!! They have a target on them because of it. Everyone will be gunning for The STEELERS. Second because of the ALLEGATIONS(very important useage of words) against Roethlisberger. I won't get started on the lack of evidence, poor judgement, and suspicious acts this woman has showed. The CIVIL jury will have it's day with her.

    2. The Patriots: Brady is back and needs to prove he was the missing link last year although he hasn't won a superbowl in the three years prior to last season. He's NO superman and certainly will NEVER be a JOE MONTANA. Montana NEVER needed a field goal kicker to win any of his Super Bowls.

    3. The Ravens: cravin to get passed THE STEELERS(not gonna happen). Ray Lewis will be vocal and high expectations will come for Joe Flacco's unexpected good rookie season following. But he's no Roethlisberger and won't break his Super Bowl record of being the youngest starting QB to win the SB.

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    Teams: Colts, Cowboys, Vikings


    McDaniels (Broncos) - After this off-season, they will probably have to have a winning record for McDaniels to keep his job.

    Childress (Vikings) - Considered a Super Bowl favorite if they get Favre, anything short of the Super Bowl and he is going to be replaced. If they don't get Favre, another early playoff exit will cost him as well.

    Lewis (Bengals) - The team always seems to have some kind of problem, whether its injuries or off the field issues. I think they have to have a winning season for Lewis to keep his job.


    Romo (Cowboys) - T.O. is no longer there to blame, so he needs to show improvement in the later part of the season or I think Dallas will start thinking about a replacement.

    Manning (Giants) - Talk of making him the highest paid player in the league, right now he can't live up to a contract such as that. If he gets that contract and continues to play like he has throughout his career, then I think the New York media will start calling for his head. To be honest, I'm surprised the Giants are even thinking of paying him $15 million a season to only complete 56% of his passes and turn the ball over at a rate of better than once per game.

    Young (Titans) - Could be out of the league come next off-season if he can't dethrone Collins. Young is due $12-14 million dollars for the 2010 season if he is still on the Titans. I doubt they will keep someone that expensive just to be the back-up.

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    1. Donavan McNabb- If the Eagles don't win it this year, he'll lose all of his remaining support in Philly

    2. Alex Smith- The Long forgotten #1 draft pick of 2005 is supposedly the favorite to win the starting QB job in San Francisco. If he isn't in the top 15 QBs at the season's end, his career is basically over.

    3. LaDanian Tomlinson- Last year's statistics will either be viewed as a fluke or a steady decline in production depending on how he plays this year.


    1. Philadelphia Eagles- Again, if the Eagles do not win the Super Bowl this year, the window closes.

    2. Dallas Cowboys- T.O. and Pacman are gone, so they can no longer cite distractions as their reason for not winning the Super Bowl

    3. Detroit Lions- A good way to remove pressure off of them would be to win a game, preferably in week 1


    1. Wade Phillips- He's gone if they don't go far in the playoffs

    2. Norv Turner- (see Wade Phillips)

    3. Jim Schwartz- He needs to make an immediate impact on an abominable Detroit franchise.

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    McNabb-He has a boatload of talent, but his window is closing fast and he isn't getting any younger.

    Reggie Bush-Is he for real or is he a bust? For a #2 pick he has looked like a bust and this is year 4 and he needs to play significantly better than his first 3 years.

    Tony Romo-Is he a product of a good team or is he a good QB. Now that TO is gone its all on him to produce for Dallas.


    Wade Philips-Personally, I think he sucks but Jerry doesn't. However, if he can't take this team deep into the playoffs and this could be his last season there.

    Andy Reid-They've been a good team but time is running out on them to compete for a Super Bowl or at least make a run for it. The window is closing and they've gotta at least make the playoffs and win at least one game. Though, I don't think they should or will fire him, there's a lot of pressure on him to get things done.

    Sean Payton-Its now or never. The offense is so great but the D has been their problem. Now its year 4 and everything should be improved from the last 2 years of crappy football. If they don't make the playoffs he may be gone, even if Drew Brees breaks every passing record ever set.

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  • Players-

    Matt Cassel- has to prove that last year wasnt a fluke and that he can play on a team without the sceme the Pats have

    Tom Brady- coming off injury. got to prove the Pats right, that trading Cassel was a good choice

    Jake Delhomme- just got a big extension. has to prove he was worth the money even though he is getting old


    Chicago Bears- just traded for our franchise QB and have a solid RB. have to show the same Defensive intensity that put us in the SuperBowl

    Dallas Cowboys- MISSED THE PLAYOFFS!!!! lol

    Indianaplois Colts- new coach. we'll see what happens


    Josh McDaniels- got rid of one of the best QBs in the NFL. new coach.

    Wade Phillips- has Garrett breathing down his neck and knows if he wants to keep his job he must get to the playoffs

    Bill Belichick- got Tom Brady back. needs to get back in the playoffs

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    Its definitely Andy Ried. They have a really good team on both sides of the ball. Looking at the last two season they lose to GB in the wildcard round then the next season they go 8-8 and miss the playoffs. When was the last time they won a playoff game? Point is, andy needs at least a winning season and/or a playoff berth.

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    Peyton Manning has to prove he can do well with all the changes.

    Tom Brady has to prove he is ready to play at a Pro Bowl level after surgery.

    Tony Romo got what he wanted and has to show improvement without a big receiver threat.

    Teams(Colts, Cowboys, Bears)

    Coaches(Wade Phillips, Marvin Lewis, Josh McDaniels)

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    I have to agree for the most part, I think Jamarcus Russel goes up there with players with Garcia breathing down his back.

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    I actually completaly agree with you on this one. Very nice! You get a star *

  • are we twins cause i agree with this

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