With satellite radio can i listen to radio stations in Denver while in North Dakota?

I live in North Dakota and the morning radio shows suck here. i use to live in Denver and miss the radio stations.

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    Try their Internet stream. Plus, many radio stations use Flycast, which allows you to acces the radio station's Internet stream directly to your phone. Here is a list of Denver radio stations that use Flycast:



    KEZW Studio 1430 - KEZW-AM 1430...it's that really sweet station that swings and sways with music from Frank, Dean, Michael Buble and more. Studio 1430, Timeless Music.

    KOSI 101 FM Light Rock - KOSI-FM-Adult Contemporary-A blend of great Lite Rock from 4 decades, featuring the music of yesterday combined with today’s Top Pop Artists that makes KOSI the perfect station to listen to at work.

    KQMT 99.5 The Mountain - 99.5 The Mountain plays a unique mix of Denver’s classics, and more of them, as we start every workday with 9a-Noon Commercial Free. We call it “A Mountain of Classics.”

    KALC Alice 105.9 - Wake up with BJ Howie and Erica, go home with Slacker and Steve and enjoy modern adult music from today’s biggest artists all day!

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    With satellite radio you get to listen to the channels (stations) that they provide anywhere that you can get the satellite signal. These channels are not actual radio stations. They are, for the most part, streams of genre music and some news or talkshows that may discuss things from one locality, but are meant only for satellite transmission (not local airwaves). You do not pick up regular radio stations from different parts of the country.

    You may be happier exploring web radio, where local stations broadcast their programs on the internet simultaneously with their radio broadcasts. These are usually free, and you may even find the stations you used to listen to are available. New types of music and news from all over the world are at your findertips, so you may find things that are even cooler than Denver morning radio...

    Good luck.

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    Certain stations don't operate on satellite, you can always go to the stations website and listen live there.

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    Nope.. Only listen online, or stream to your phone such as a blackberry or Iphone

    Sat radio only plays what they produce currently

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