Can someone please translate this note from Tagalog into English?

My uncle is building a fish pond in Baguio City, and he wanted to put up a solicitor sign in Tagalog as well as in English. Well, there is a huge problem because I do not know how to read or write in Tagalog and so I do not understand. However, I would still like to help my uncle. If someone would be willing enough to help me translate his sample message into English, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. =]

My uncle's sample message:

"Dear friends,

Dahil sa marami kayong mga kaibigan ko, gusto ko na maaring tumawag kayo muna bago pumunta para maiwasan ang pagsabay-sabay na hindi magkakilala. No random visitors without appointment."

If there is a better and more delicate way of rewriting his intended meaning, I welcome it gladly. Thank you again! =D

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    The last sentence pretty much sums up what your uncle was trying to say. "No random visitors without appointment"

    I will try to translate the tagalog sentences in english but its not gonna be a literal translation.

    Dear Friends,

    To prevent any unforeseen problems and overcrowding, I would like you to call and set-up an appointment before showing up. No random visitors without appointment.

    not much but i hope it helps! :D

    Source(s): tagalog is my native tongue by the way :D
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    "Our dear friends,

    Due to the increasing number of our visitors, we would like to have you set up an appointment with us through telephone to avoid overcrowding and to facilitate conditions. Visitors who come without having set up an appointment first will not be assured of services.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation."

    ---Please do make edits!

    Source(s): noypi po.
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