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How good is my fantasy football team?

QB P. Manning

RB M. Forte

RB C. Portis

WR C. Ochocinco

WR W. Welker

WR R.E. Williams

TE D. Clark

D/ST Eagles

K S. Gostwkowski


QB J. Cutler

WR A. Gonzalez

RB D. Brown

TE K. Winslow

RB L. McCoy

D/ST Dolphins

K N. Rackers

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    Pretty good team you got their. Manning will definitely come off the year he had last year with a breakout year this year, he still a top fantasy pick in any draft. Forte will better his rookie year with at leat 1300 yards in 2009. Portis as well. Cutler on the bench would be a huge help, and welker is always gonna be a huge points gainer as long as he is with brady and the patriots. Only worries are Ochocinco and Williams. They may have off years, but anyways, Great team!!!

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    Looks pretty decent. I particularly like Portis as your #2 RB this year since the Redskins face Detroit, St Louis, Oakland, KC, and Denver. Your backup RBs present some risk though if you need them - both have a lot of potential but it remains to be seen how they'll be used. I would never keep a backup kicker - an additional position player is more valuable. I also rarely keep a 2nd TE or D. I usually use the last roster slot to swap in temporary fixes at those positions for bye weeks.

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    Nobody can say how good it is without knowing how many teams are in the league.

    YOu also have almost no bench because you wasted picks at b/u QB, TE and even ...Kicker?!? That's going to cause problems for you, regardless of how big the league is.

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    Not sure about Ochocinco, but Welker is a nice pick, especially if your league rewards you for receptions. Also, the absence of Jim Johnson in Philly isn't great for your defense, but I am sure they will be fine.

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    I'd say overall looks pretty good, the only thing I would do is drop your back up Kicker and DEF. and try to pick up some sleeper RB's because you don't have much depth.

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    Its a good team the only advice is get some better WR's for bench.

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    the first five are good but u really cant win with those shitty back ups!!!!!!!!!!!! i rate this like a C+ if i was a descent teacher. mean teacher prolly D-. and nice teacher B-.

    Source(s): what the hell were u thinking???
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    You have a weak WR core. Too many WR2's.

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    Yeah... It is pretty good.

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