What do think of this graphic novel plot, be very honest ! ? !?

A man from another dimension stumbles into ours and discovers in our dimension he has special powers. Over the years he saves the world from countless threats all of which he disposes of easily (Never once does he have to use his full strength). The graphic novel Chronicles his greatest achievements and how his appearance gives rise to a super hero culture. The hold thing is set in the 50's so everything is kinda pop corny golden or silver age style super hero crime fighting until a being named simply "Sin" comes along and i mean this guy is a real threat killing off other minor yet still powerful superheroes for a purposes unknown and people all over the world disappearing. My main super hero does his best to stop it, he fights off minions and all that good stuff while he puts the peaces together but he does it to late. Sin does something so horrible (and I haven't figured out what yet) and shows the my main super hero why the earth and all life on it is ultimately doomed ( like Sin comes up with this irrefutable reason) my main hero basically sees his deeds of heroism are for nothing and Sin destroys the world. I want to make a graphic novel that puts a matriarch super hero in a situation that he can't stop with brute strength our radical powers and in the end loses. I think to see a villian when for once would be interesting although whether he is a villian or not is tottally up to the readers point of view especially when i reveal some secrets about Sin and when he reveals the reason as to why he is trying to destroy the world.

Tell me what you think of this plot and if you don't like it what i should change, or if I should just drop it all together . . . . be bruttaly honest I won't hold it against you if you don't like (REALLY,I"M AN ADULT). Your suggestions and criticism would be gladly appreciated.


Thanks guys, I appreciate your feedback and beleive I will be using some of your ideas.

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    1 decade ago
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    Sounds totally kickass! Reminds me of V for Vendetta and Sin city mixed with time travel and I dig the name "Sin" by the way. Have a twist planned for the end. Even the worst novels can save themselves with cool and unexpected twists. But don't worry too much because this plot sounds awesome. One thing though, make sure you explain the whole "discovers in our dimension he has special powers". That sounds a little cliche. try think of something really original or otherwise explain it in great detail.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats a very creative plot. i can see where you are trying to go with the whole is the villian good or bad?.. you decide kinda thing. but i do think it does need some work. every novel always has many stories going on besides the main plot. so include some love interest or deceit. maybe the superhero should befriend other people and find out they have powers too. make sure you have a good ending, everyone needs something to look forward to.but this looks kinda difficult. i mean, you have a long way to go, so just keep dedicated to it and im sure it will be good.

    (im just saying, but you do have some spelling errors, so fix them before you write lol)

    And seeing from the eyes of a villian is great, no book does that, jus make sure this book doesnt come off as childish and add some adult features to it.

    good luck with it, sounds like a great idea

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  • becka
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    3 years ago

    i'm a 20 twelve months previous woman and despite the fact that I relish analyzing American image novels I want manga somewhat greater. a number of my all time favourites are dying observe, Fruit Basket, Naruto, Emma, Bleach, optimum holiday.

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