AP Calculus~~~~~~~~~~~?

Next term, I am going to learn AP Calculus. could you tell what is it about? Moreover, is it hard to learn, compared to Math12. Thanks!

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    AP Calculus is much harder than Math 12 because you will be learning ALL new concepts and must be able to apply everything you previously learned. Usually Math 12 will cover in depth what you have previously learned. Only about half the course would be new to you.

    The benefit is of course you will receive college credit if you pass the AP test. Even if you don't earn credit, it will still prepare you for college.

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    Calculus is the study of cutting things down into tiny pieces and then adding them all back up again.

    The two principle components of the AP Calculus curriculum are the single-variable derivative and the single integral.

    A derivative is a function that gives the slope of another function. It is found by chopping the first function into infinitesimally small pieces and finding the slope at each point.

    An integral is a function that gives the accumulated change in a function over an interval from its derivative. In the case of an all-positive function, it gives the area underneath the graph of a function (between it and the x-axis).

    Calculus was the easiest math class I ever took, by far. If you did well in your standard-level classes you should not have any trouble.

    Good luck. =)

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