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how do i change my id?

When I'm online, it shows my correct id,but as soon as I go in to a chat room for it changes. Would like to fix this but how?

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    There are no chat rooms on Perhaps you mean on Yahoo Messenger you chose Yahoo chat from the Messenger menu. If this is the case, are you talking about chat room nicknames that people can see that are different from your Yahoo ID? If so, I am sorry that there is no way to change this anymore or create a new chat room nickname.

    Up until a little over a week ago, you still could access the old yahoo profile system and create or edit those but yahoo has since closed them down for good. Yahoo has that new Yahoo Profile out that you can see here:

    buit the display name and other information on it do not show on the chatters list when you hover over names nor is it the chatroom nickname. Until just recently there was still one working link to access the old profile system that did tie into the chat room.

    If you really do not want that Nickname then your only alternative other than creating a new Yahoo ID is to just create an alias.


    For every Yahoo! ID you can create 6 aliases. In the Messenger menu at the top of Y!M choose My Account Info and once you sign in, on the right you will see where you can create aliases. I will be posting some help links for you that will explain this in detail. One major thing that is different now is that aliases cannot have unique profiles. If you want an alias to have a profile you will have to link it to your main Yahoo ID. Only link your alias to the main Yahoo ID if you do not mind that they share a profile.

    You might need to exit Yahoo! Messenger before the new alias you have created becomes available in the drop down menu of the Join a room window for chat rooms or the drop down menu under Send As in the IM box.

    You can also choose to sign into Yahoo Messenger with your Alias instead of your Yahoo ID and then you will not have to change the name in the IM window or if you go to a chat room because it will already be set as your Alias.


    This link tells you the steps to create an Alias:

    PLEASE NOTE: There is a mistake on step 3 of the above link. It should instead read: Click the Edit/Create Aliases link on the right side of the page (not Edit/Create Profiles link).


    How do I link my Alias to Primary Yahoo! ID?:

    If you want to create a whole New Yahoo! ID (a new account) do so here:

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