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Parial Birth Abortions are THE WORST!!!!?

I just found out I was 4 weeks pregnant last week and I feel like I got pressured into getting an abortion. I just researched online and came across Partial birth abortions, where they go by any means to kill a baby that is mature enough to grow outside of the womb. My eyes are full of tears and I can not stop myself from crying because I can not believe that people would KILL their babies like that?? Let a surgeon come in and rip their full grown babies out of their womb with scissors and sharp tools? Although I am only 4 weeks, I am keeping my baby after seeing that..I could never forgive myself knowing I did something so aweful!! what do you think about these cruel procedures??? If you are brave enough...take a look for yourself

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    According to a BBC report about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Carhart, "government lawyers and others who favor the ban, have said there are alternative and more widely used procedures that are still legal - which involves dismembering the fetus in the uterus."[31] An article in Harper's magazine stated that, "Defending the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban... requires arguing to judges that pulling a fetus from a woman's body in dismembered pieces is legal, medically acceptable, and safe; but that pulling a fetus out intact, so that if the woman wishes the fetus can be wrapped in a blanket and handed to her, is appropriately punishable by a fine, or up to two years' imprisonment, or both."[14] The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that intact D&X remains legal as long as there is first an "injection that kills the fetus."[1]

    *When a fetal illness has gone horribly wrong and a IDX is the ONLY procedure which allows an intact fetus to be "born", it is important that the the fetus/baby is whole so the parents can grieve and possible bury it if that it there desire. The argument here is stupid, either way the fetus/baby -depending on the stage of development- is going to be terminated. Since we the public are not privy to the reason why the abortion is taking place we need to allow the option of medical necessities and parental grief. If the fetus/baby is in pieces and the mother wants something to grieve over, she is left with nothing, all those "pieces" get disposed of as medical bio-hazard waste. How is that right? Having no body to grieve over can be just as traumatic as losing the pregnancy in the first place.

    Having been faced with an ectopic pregnancy myself; my husband and I chose my life over a 7 weeks old embryo. Instead of having a in clinic vacuum/aspiration procedure I chose to have a purposeful miscarriage at home using the abortion pill. One of the big reasons I chose this method is because my husband and I needed to grieve over our lose and being at home allowed me to catch all of it and preform our own burial instead of it going to into a bio-hazard medical waste dumpster and then to an incinerator. My point here is you don't know nor will you ever be privy to the reason why women AND couples choose abortion - early or later term. It's still none of your business and not your place to judge, I understand it can be upsetting to learn of such a thing but keep in mind you are emotional and pregnant.

    ~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion <no regrets> and I have a 7 month old daughter <no regrets>. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

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    PS - Brave enough, oh please! I am studying to be a midwife -seen and read a lot more than you have about reproductivity, fecundity, pregnancy, labor and delivery- and while I was 7 months pregnant I helped a friend with her medical/pill abortion at home. It has nothing to do with bravery or courage and everything to do with respecting a women's right to CHOICE!

    ****Had to finish my friends answers since she ran out of room. But I completely agree with her. A partial birth abortion saved my mothers life and despite the law, the doc left the fetus/babe intact so we could grieve and bury her as a family. They wrapped her, covering the small incision in the back of her neck -yes, I looked-, and let us take her home. The combination between my mother's dangerously worsening pre-clempsia (sp) and the fetus'/baby's SEVERE spinal bifida made the choice for our family but we were just happy our doc illegally gave my family my little sister intact. It helped my mother and our whole family cope better, grieve and have a place of remembrance since she was buried on our property under a pear tree.


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    I'm not ganna look. I could never get an abortion and I have been pressured to get one. But at 4 weeks you could just take a pill. Like i said I would personally never do that, but it is an option.

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    i am so not brave enough to even look. but i just want to say that when you are finally able to hold your baby in your arms you will be so happy that you didn't get an abortion. i was in the same position, i felt that everyone was pressuring me to get an abortion, after i did some research i decided it wasn't for me either. i am now a proud mother of a 9 day old baby. and when i look at him i cry because of how i almost fell into the pressure of an abortion. i applaud you on making your own decision. good luck and congratulations.

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    You're not asking a question you're spreading propaganda. An abortion at 4 weeks is nothing like what you're mentioning and whats inside of you looks nothing like a baby. Partial birth abortions are a very rare procedure in the US.

    And make up your mind. Were you "pressured into getting an abortion" or are you keeping your baby?

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    Nope, I am not brave enough. For me Abortion is not an option but to each their own. On a brighter note: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I know it may not be what you had planned (I certainly didn't plan mine) but you will see things will work out.

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    No one ever said abortion was pretty.....Well I'm glad you did your research now and decided it's not for you you saved yourself a lot of regret, I'm not one to judge, I have close friends who've had them, but it's just not for me.

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    Instead of falling for the emotionally propaganda that is obviously effective for those of us who are easily swayed; you may want to do your research before you go all gooey over those "partial birth abortion pics". I put in quotes because it is another tool of pro-lifers to garner sympathy for a fetus rather than mother who's life is most likely in grave medical danger. The medical term for the procedure is actually Intact Dilation and Extraction. They do the same procedure for still births, would you consider that wrong?

    You CANNOT get UNBIASED facts from a website such as the one you cited. It has the "guise" of fact but it isn't. Yes, they got the procedure right but yet again mislabeled it as a "partial birth abortion" which is NOT a medical term.

    ~The term "partial-birth abortion" is primarily used in political discourse — chiefly regarding the legality of abortion in the United States.[18] The term is not recognized as a medical term by the American Medical Association[6] nor the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.[19] This term was first suggested in 1995 by Congressman Charles T. Canady, while developing the original proposed Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.[20][21] According to Keri Folmar, the lawyer responsible for the bill's language, the term was developed in early 1995 in a meeting among herself, Charles T. Canady, and National Right to Life Committee lobbyist Douglas Johnson.[14] Canady could not find this particular abortion practice named in any medical textbook, and therefore he and his aides named it.[22] "Partial-birth abortion" was first used in the media on 4 June 1995 in a Washington Times article covering the bill.[23]

    Some ACTUAL FACTS about Intact Dilation and Extraction . . . . .

    You know the ones your website NEGLECTED to mention . . . . . .

    ~Though the procedure has had a low rate of usage, representing 0.17% (2,232 of 1,313,000) of all abortions in the United States in the year 2000, according to voluntary responses to an Alan Guttmacher Institute survey,[2] it has developed into a focal point of the abortion debate. In the United States, intact dilation and extraction was made illegal in most circumstances by the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart.

    *If you wanna get your panties in a twist over something that happens in less than 1% of all abortion, honestly that's your problem. And maybe you should give thought to your own emotional, pregnant state before decrying something you obviously haven't studied or tried to truly understand. All you saw was a diagram, an accurate one to be sure but did you read up on any of it from an UNBIASED site? It doesn't sounds like it from your teary eyes rant.

    IDX, along with dilation and evacuation (D&E), early induction of labor, and rare procedures such as saline abortion, are only used in the late stages of pregnancy. Late-term abortions at 21 weeks or later account for 1.4% of all abortions in the USA.[10] Intact D&X procedures are used in approximately 15% of those late-term abortion cases. This is the equivalent of between 2,500 and 3,000 per year, using data from the Alan Guttmacher Institute for the year 2000. They are typically performed between the twentieth and twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.[11]

    Women choose to have late-term abortions for a variety of reasons. Once a pregnant woman has made the decision to have a late-term abortion, she or a doctor may choose IDX over other available late-term abortion procedures because:

    * Although a woman may experience contractions, she does not have to experience labor.[12]

    * IDX is an outpatient procedure; the woman does not have to be hospitalized.[12]

    * The woman does not have to undergo abdominal surgery.[13]

    * The procedure results in a largely intact body over which the parents may grieve.[14]

    * Instruments are inserted into the uterus fewer times than in a D&E abortion, potentially reducing the risk of uterine tearing.[15]

    * The fetus may have hydrocephalus, where the head may expand to a radius of up to 250% of a normal skull at birth, making it impossible for it to pass through the cervix. If live birth is desired, the physician may drain the excess fluid in utero using a syringe,[16] or a caesarian section may be done as soon as amniocentesis indicates lung maturity.[17] If abortion is desired, D&X may be the simplest procedure.[12]

    ~Sometimes an abortion is necessary for the mother's life and the to end the fetus' suffering. Some defects, abnormalities and life threatening disabilities aren't detectable until late in the pregnancy. Women agonize about the decision to abort especially that late in a pregnancy. How can you be all bleeding heart for the fetus and have no feelings for the women/couple are going through?

    According to a BBC report about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Gonzales v. Carhart, "government lawyers and others who favor the b

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    I agree PBAs are horrible! All abortions are, I'm glad you didn't give in to the pressure. Good luck,I hope all turns out well.

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    my mom tried to force me into an abortion too, but i looked it up on the internet and made her read it and asked her if she could honestly live with making me do that so i am glad to say i get to keep it and am 12 1/2 weeks

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    Congratulations on deciding to take care of you responsibilities and have the baby. Remember, adoption is an option.

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