How can I get free lifetime rewards on sims 3, and some good cheats?

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Im looking for a cheat to get free lifetime reward, and mabe if you know how to change a kids name.
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  • soosh answered 5 years ago
lifetime rewards;
when you are in the main menu of your sims 3 game, hit Ctrl, Shift, C and a blue bar at the top should appear, when it does type in;
testingcheatsneabled true.
after that, select your household and then the sim you want to achieve higher lifetime happiness points. select the little treasure chest where their lifetime happiness points are and Ctrl + click as directly in the middle as you can in the empty space between the treasure chest and the amount of points they have. it should increase by 500 each time. get your points as high as you need them to be and then you can purchase as many rewards as you like =] trust me it works i do it all the time.
this only works if you type in that cheat in the main menu.

changing a name;
make the kid's parent go to the townhall between 9am and 6pm, click on the town hall and Change Name will come up. change the kid's name :P

happy simming
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  • heroicsheep answered 5 years ago
    I don't know of a cheat that will immediately give you free Lifetime Reward points but I know of a cheat that can help you get Lifetime Rewards faster.

    Hold down Ctrl + Shift + C

    Type in the cheat box : testingcheatsenabled true

    Now shift-click on the mailbox outside of your Sims' house and click "Make All Happy" and then "Make Motives Static".

    Now your Sims' needs like hunger, hygiene, social, etc. will remain high and never go down. You can now concentrate on your Sim completing goals faster and therefore earning Lifetime Rewards points faster. Also, when your Sims' mood is high, the rewards points will steadily climb whether you are completing goals or not.

    To change the name of a child or baby, simple send one of it's parents to City Hall in town. Just find the City Hall on the map, and choose “Change Name”, and you get an option of which Sim you want to change the name of.
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  • Ethan answered 5 years ago
    why cheat? its more fun if you don't :P

    p.s there aren't any free lifetime rewards
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  • Jenna answered 5 years ago
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