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中文翻英文 希望用詞簡單 不要翻譯軟體 謝謝~~~~






小時候就有看過小婦人的故事書,而現在靠自己的力量逐字逐句的翻譯,當我翻譯完時,我看到了親情.希望及健康 都是金錢也買不到了。在書裡我看見姐妹互助合作且在母親的帶領下,各自朝著自己的方向前進,幫助窮困的人,即使他們不富有但他們活的很有生命的價值,這是我們需要學習的。

作者寫實的描繪出感人.風趣 及家庭的幸福。而身為姐姐的我, 要多照顧弟弟和孝順父母親有愛師長, 不要讓他們擔心。



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    [小婦人] Little woman

    小時候就有看過小婦人的故事書,而現在靠自己的力量逐字逐句的翻譯,當我翻譯完時,我看到了親情.希望及健康 都是金錢也買不到了。

    Little womanRead the little woman's story-books as a child, and depend on one's own translation word by word and sentence by sentence of strength now, when I finished translating, I saw kindred. Hope and all healthy is money but bought either.在書裡我看見姐妹互助合作且在母親的帶領下,各自朝著自己的方向前進,幫助窮困的人,即使他們不富有但他們活的很有生命的價值,這是我們需要學習的。

    In the book and under the leadership of mother for the cooperation that I see sisters helping each other, advance in one's own direction each, help poverty-stricken person, they are not rich their very much living value living, this is that we need study.

    作者寫實的描繪出感人.風趣 及家庭的幸福。

    The author is touching in naturalistic depicting. Happiness of the witty and family.


    And I, as an elder sister, should look after the younger brother and filial parents more and love the teacher, don't upset them.


    Hope everybody can study the little woman's good spirit.


    This book is very so straight that everybody passes round the good book shared.

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    Young woman who had read the story of a small book, and now on their own word for word translation, and when I finished the translation, I saw a family. I hope and health is a money can not buy. I saw in the book and the sister of co-operation under the leadership of the mother, each moving in their direction, to help poor people, even if they are not rich but they are living the value of life, which is we need to learn.

    The author depicts the touching realism. Witty and well-being of families. As a sister and I, have to take care of his younger brother, and filial love parents, teachers, do not let them worry.

    Hope that we can learn from the good spirit of Little Women.

    This book is straight you have to share books circulated.


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