Before The Storm

Jonas Brothers 與 Miley Cyrus合唱的 Before The Storm




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    Before the storm-featuring Miley Cyrus


    NO this isn't what I wanted不 這不是我所要的

    Never thought it'd come this far 我沒想到能走到這一步

    thinkin'back to where we started回頭想想我們剛認識的時候

    And how we lost all that we are還有我們如何迷失了自我

    We were young and times were easy我們當時年紀都還小 也沒有時間壓力

    But I could see it's not the same但是我知道這不一樣

    Standing here but you don't see me我就站在這裡 你卻看不到我

    Give it all for that to change位了改變而放棄一切

    I don't want to lose her我不想失去她

    Don't want to let her go不想讓她走

    Standing out in the rain我站在大雨中滂沱當中

    Need to know if it's over我想知道一切是否都已結束了

    Cause a memory that lasts因為我可以離你而去

    I'm flooded with all this pain我知道我在也不能

    knowing that I'll never hold her但我已經痛到不行

    Like I did before the storm像在這場暴風雨之前那樣抱著她


    With every strike of lightning每一次閃電

    Comes a memory that lasts都讓我想起一些回憶

    Not a word is left unspoken我已經無話可說

    As the thunder starts to crash雷聲也開始大做

    Maybe I should give up或許我該要放棄


    Leave her on her own 讓她就此自由

    Standing out in the rain我站在滂沱大雨當中

    Knowing that it's really over 我知道一切就此結束

    Please don"t leave me alone請不要離我而去

    I"m flooded with all this pain 我已經痛到不行

    Knowing that I"ll never hold ya我知道我再也不能

    Like I did before the storm像暴風來臨之前那樣抱著你

    I"m trying to keep the lights from going out 我試著不讓光線熄滅

    And the clouds from ripping out my broken heart 烏雲卻掏空了我破碎的心

    They always say a heart is not a home他們總說我的心已找不到歸屬

    Without the one who gets you through the storm因為帶著你走過風暴的人已經不在


    他的英文歌詞是錯誤的喔,所以看看國語翻譯就好啦~我的英文歌詞是看著專輯的歌本打的,SO應該不會有錯才對= ˇ=

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