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"因為原物料訂購及前置處理問題, 東莞廠回覆我們第一批10,000pcs可在8/11完成, 第二批10,000pcs將在8/14可完成, 第三批8/19可完成, 第四批8/25可完成, 最後您需求九月份的40,000pcs預定將在9/11可完成, 相信這並沒有如您要求的期限內達成, 但這已是我們最快的處理速度了, 還請您見諒"

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    因為原物料訂購及前置處理問題, 東莞廠回覆我們第一批10,000pcs可在8/11完成,

    Because of raw materials order and pre-processing question,The Dongguan Factory replies


    First batch of 10,000pcs may complete on 8/11 ,

    第二批10,000pcs將在8/14可完成, 第三批8/19可完成, 第四批8/25可完成,

    Second batch of 10,000pcs might complete on 8/14 ,

    The third batch may complete on 8/19 , the forth batch may complete on 8/25 ,


    Finally, your demand September's 40,000pcs predetermined might complete on 9/11 .

    相信這並沒有如您要求的期限內達成, 但這已是我們最快的處理速度了, 還請您見諒"

    I believed this not suit your requested in the deadline,

    But this was our quickest processing speed.

    I apologize for the delay

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    Owing to the problem of raw material purchasing and procedure, the factory in Dong Guan reply the production schedule as the following.

    1st lot ~ Q'TY: 10,000pcs ~ finish on Aug. 11, 2009

    2nd lot ~ Q'TY: 10,000pcs ~ finish on Aug. 14, 2009

    3rd lot ~ ~ finish on Aug. 19, 2009

    4th lot ~ ~ finish on Aug. 25, 2009

    last lot ~ Q'TY : 40,000pcs ~ finish on Sep. 11, 2009

    I understand that the productions are not finished according to your request time but this is really the best that we could do. Hope you could understand and accept. Thank you and let us have your confirmation.

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    Because the raw materials ordering and pre-processing problems, our Dongguan plant response to our first batch of 10,000 pcs will be completed on 8 / 11, the second batch of 10,000 pcs will be on 8/14 completed, the third batch will be completed on 8/10, the 4th batch will be completed on 8/25. The last batch 40,000 pcs in Sep. will be completed on 9/11. We know the delivery is not reach your time limit, but we have dealed as soon as we can. Wish you can give us your kindly understanding.

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