Your favorite lip balm? Burt's Bees, Alba, Chapstick, Soft Lips?

I'm currently looking for a really good lip balm that moisturizes, hydrates, softens, and is overall just good for your lips. So in your opinion, which lip balm is your favorite that you've tried?

Answers are greatly appreciated!



Who the flip is 'thumbs-downing' all the Burt's Bees answers??

So far Burt's Bees has been getting the most and best reviews, so to those Burt's Bees supporters, prepare for a best answerer!!

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    Personally,I love BonneBell's LipSmackers collection.

    But,for the type you're looking for,the best ones are.....

    Carmex (especially in the little white pots with the yellow lids)

    Blistex DCT (in the peachy colored pots)

    Medicated ChapStick (pale-blue wrapper on a white tube)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm currently loving Strawberry Chapstick. It's smooth, moisturizing and smells good. There's a little bit of SPF in it, but you'd need more sunscreen if you're out hiking or something. I used Burt's Bees original (the minty kind) for a while, but it wasn't very easy to put on, it was very solid. The Pomegranate Burt's Bees is a lot smoother. I used Natural Ice and Soft Lips, but I've found that products with Mentholatum (which makes the cooling sensation (Burt's Bees does this with mint)) just make my lips hurt and chapped. I had to keep reapplying products with Mentholatum more frequently. I also like the Vaseline lip products; they're very minimalistic so if you have sensitive or very dry or wind chapped skin, it's a good bet.

  • cho
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    3 years ago

    Alba Chapstick

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    I haven't used soft lips, but I love Burt's Bees :P Makes my lips feel all tingly in a good way :P

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  • bunny
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    1 decade ago

    Burts Bees. I love them. AND, they don`t test on animals, which is nice. :)

    The Pros

    -Burts Bees is a well known established company which focuses on the needs of skin care.

    -The products are said to be made of all natural botanicals.

    The Cons

    -There are no before and after photos on the Burts Bees website.

    -There is no clinical research to substantiate the products claims.

    That is from a professional website that wrote a reveiw. So, if you have no care for before and after photos and proven clinical research, then you are just fine.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All of the lipbalms in your question are supposed to be very good!! But my lips get more dry and more chapped than most peoples, and so those brands dont work for me. They seem to have no effect for me. The only lip balm I found that works for me is nives repair and protect. It really is the best product, and saved my life!!!! Im sure you'd love it :)

    TIP - Before applying lip balm, brush your lips gently with a wet toothbrush to get rid of flakey bits, and make lips softer

    Hope I helped!! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    I have all three and love them in each special way.

    Chapstick - I usually buy this in Strawberry or Cherry because it gives me a subtle tint of color on my lips while it moisturizes :)

    Softlips - I love the cooling sensation when I use this but I feel this product is a bit cheap because when I twist it back down to close it, its like stuck in place and I have to use my hand to push it down. Either I got a bad one or something...

    Burts Bee - They're really good, I like that they're natural so thats a plus.

  • 1 decade ago

    Burt's Bees is absolutely my number 1. It's organic, smells great, works amazingly, isn't sticky, is cheap, you can get it almost anywhere, leaves lips smooth and soft, and has many forms: in a tin, in a regular tube... It also has great flavors: original (minty), pomegranate oil (leaves a rosy tint), and passion fruit (SPF 8). Carmex is pretty good, too, but it's not organic and just doesn't have as much variety. Chapstick is a classic, but not the best. Soft Lips and Alba....well...they suck.

  • Chapstick

  • 1 decade ago

    Probably either burt's bees or blistex.

    Both are amazing and make my lips feels so soft! and I like the waxy feeling it gives off too. you should definitely try these ones! :)

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