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Yankees And world series?

Ok so who says now yanks wont win the world series! were in first place have the best record in the american league,and 2nd best record in baseball and only one game behind the dodgers. We have won 10 out of the 11 games since the all star break. And all our players are healthy and have been playing great. And our pitching is dominating. Burnett is on a streak. C.C has been doing great. and boston is doing horribly who knows tampa might even take their place for 2nd place?

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    First of all, I am a huge Boston fan and to say the Yanks will win the World Series makes me a heretic to Redsox Nation. But, they do have a good shot at it. Whoever wins the World Series will be an American League team. Although the numbers show different, the Yankes, the Sox and the Rays are the best AL teams. Due to how they have done as of late, I wil put them in the ALCS, but I won't guarantee them a win there. They will either be playing the Redsox (most likely), the Rays (unlikely) or the Angels (maybe). If they play the Angels, I will give them a shoe in for the World Series. But if they play the Redsox, that is different. The Yankees have a better record than the Redsox right now, but keep in mind that the Yanks are 0 for 8 against Boston this season. If they play that way in the ALCS, they will get swept. I can't lie, the Yankees have a lights out bull pen and they have the hitting to back it up. Although I am a Sox fan, I can't blame you for asking this. Personally, I like watching the ALCS more than the World Series, because, with the exception of a few teams,(Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants) the National is not as competitive. By the way, the Yanks are a much better team than the Dodgers, so even though you are in 2nd, you are pretty much in 1st. Anyway, I won't rule it out, but I can't wait for the ALCS. Hope I helped. And try not to vote me outta best answer cuz I'm a Sox fan.

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    They must. he is an adequate third baseman with a first-class arm however his accuracy and variety isnt too well. If he performs like ;ast season and the make it too the playoffs i will c them successful # 27 w/ A-Rod. Go Yankees!!!!! been a Yankees fan due to the fact that beginning, no longer a bandwagon fan!

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    Its not over until it is over, A team can go 162-0 but still lose in the play offs to a team who won maybe only 80 but too the wild card. They could win, and I am not taking anything from them, but we are far to early in the series to crown a champion.

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    They are too spoiled, overpaid, and full of steroids to win the world series. I'm not a red sox fan but my favorite baseball series is when the upset the bankees in the al championship.

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    I know you are probably a bandwagon fan and don't understand this, but it ain't even August yet kid.

    Get excited in September. And remember, last year the Cubs had the best record in the NL and still got swept in the NLDS.

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    Yeah good one like will you guys last in the playoffs I doubt besides 2 More Months of Baseball Nothing said in stone yet

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    im not afraid to say that the wont win the world series. they might make it to the playoffs but the wont win let alone make it to the world series.

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    Yankees ahve a good chance at the world series but if we sweep the rays, were pushing them further down the wildcard and boston keeps gaining so its tough right now. we have to wait for next week when we play boston. i cant wait for that

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    I'm a yankee fan. AndI think they have a great shot, But they still have much to prove.

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