What would you name your triplets,quads...?

This is just for fun. I'm only 14 and don't want any kids in the near future. But curiosity strikes and I was wondering...what would you name your triplets,quads,quints,sextuplets,(whatever it is called when you have seven),and octuplets. And yes,you have to answer them all. i will post mine soon!


Triplets:Lila May, Noel Elisabeth, and John Louis

Quads:Emma Leah,Theo Carter,Milo Peter,Lissie Beck

Quints:Samuel Keith,Nathan Michael,Abigail Faith,Koukla Hope,Nikki Diane

Sextuplets:Timothy Martin,William Matthew,Luke Tanner,Anthony James,Mark Riley,Chloe Beth


Maddie Kate,Carrie Grace,Taylor Colleen,Ruby Alice,Victoria Rose,Isabella Peace,Christian Liam


Tiffany Storm,Kayleigh Michelle,Martina Lisabelle,Zoey Brooke,Ava Elaine,Eve Asme,Adam Chris,and Sam Robert

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    Triplets: (2 boys, 1 girl)

    B: Logan Carter

    B: Luke Michael

    G: Monique Peyton

    Quads: (2 boys, 2 girls)

    G: Sydney Laine

    G: Jordyn Rose

    B: Skylar Nicholas

    B: Cole Parker

    Quints: (3 boys, 2 girls)

    G: Jayden Michelle

    G: Kylie Elizabeth

    B: Ryan Adam

    B: Jackson Leigh

    B: Caleb Mitchell

    Sextuplets: (3 girls, 3 boys)

    G: Audrey Michelle

    G: Addison Kate

    G: Alexis Rose

    B: Caleb Nicholas

    B: Cameron Hayder

    B: Conner James

    Sevens: (4 girls, 3 boys)

    G: Skylar Laine

    B: Spencer Cole

    G: Carmen Louise

    B: Chad Christian

    G: Haley Marie

    B: Hunter Jacob

    G: Audrey Michelle

    Octos: ( 4 boys, 4 girls)

    G: Audrey Jane

    B: Addison Parker

    G: Kaylynn Michelle

    B: Carter Thomas

    G: Nicole Shannon

    B: Noah James

    G: Leanne Catherine

    B: Logan Tanner

    Hope I helped!

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    Aubriana Faith

    Whitney Hope

    Lila Joy

    Edward Derek

    William Larry

    Brileigh Angeline

    Genevieve Mary

    Matthew Lane

    Joel Derek

    Raelyn Anabel

    Hayley May

    Alayna Lynn

    Abagail Rae

    Benji Cole

    Carlee Anne

    Delila Jane

    Elijah Aaron

    Faya Zoey

    Gabriella Mackenzie

    Kaden Wade

    Jordyn Leigh

    Harlow Amelia

    Lola Faye

    Zachery Xavior

    Mark Owen

    Monica Blaire

    Luna Moon

    Joy Ana

    Arabella November

    Winter Faith

    Gabriel Cage

    Nathan Gray

    Patrick Zaylor

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    a million. Anna Genevieve 2. Kate Madeline 3. Hazel Alice 4. Ava Grace 5. Scarlett Cora i individually only hate the call Ronan.... yet William is magnificent! 6 out of 10. lady techniques- Ivy Annalise, Natalie Rose, and Zoe Diane.

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    Triplets - Christopher

    - Everleigh

    - Summer

    Quads - Christopher

    - Everleigh

    - Summer

    - Jasper

    Quints - Christopher

    - Everleigh

    - Summer

    - Jasper

    - Ava

    Sextuplets - Christopher

    - Everleigh

    - Summer

    - Jasper

    - Ava

    - Jackson

    Hope That Helps.

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  • The term for seven is "septuplets".

    I will just list 8 for each gender. If I were to have 3 and 3, use the first three names for each, if I were to have 4 girls, use the first four girls names and so on.


    Adam Nathaniel "Adam"

    James Brennan "James"

    Elijah Cole "Eli"

    Alexander Scott "Alex"

    Andrew Caden "Andy"

    Jaxon Matthew "Jax"

    Jeremiah Michael "Jeremy"

    Victor Ryan "Victor"


    Jordana Brielle "Jordana''

    Lily Alessandra "Lily"

    Ariana Nicole "Ariana"

    Kristin Alexis "Kristin"

    Grace Annabella "Grace"

    Maya Cassandra "Maya"

    Hazel Cora "Hazel"

    Annalise Hope

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    I am pregnant with quadruplets! Unsure of the names... maybe Savannah Paige, Liam Hudson, Nathaniel Reid, and Ella Charlotte.

    For triplets: Savannah Paige, Nathaniel Reid, and Delaney Claire

    For quints: Savannah, Hudson, Nathaniel, Carter, and Lorelai

    For sextuplets: Savannah, Hudson, Cullen, Nolan, Delaney, and Lorelai

    For septuplets: Savannah, Hudson, Cullen, Nolan, Brennan, Delaney, and Lorelai

    For octuplets: Savannah, Hudson, Cullen, Nolan, Brennan, Delaney, Lorelai, and Alexis

    I think I did that right... thanks! It was fun!

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    Holy God almighty, if I found out there was any more than one muffin in my oven, I'd look into the Baby's Wanted ads. That is simply just too much work- and my vag hurts just thinking about it.

    I think I'd just assign them numbers. Jk. Kind of.

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    Tropical Kiwi I would feel bad for your kids

    I would feel bad for Samantha's kids too...Everleigh??? Jasper??? And I've never understood why people like "Ava". Oh and Jackson is a last name.

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    All do all girls lol for all

    1. Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, and Brooklyn Nicole

    2. Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, Brooklyn Nicole, Lyla Faith (LIE-LA)

    3. Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, Brooklyn Nicole, Lyla Faith (LIE-LA), Ameliah (Liah) Isabelle,

    4. Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, Brooklyn Nicole, Lyla Faith (LIE-LA), Ameliah (Liah) Isabelle, Alayna Kathleen,

    5,.Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, Brooklyn Nicole, Lyla Faith (LIE-LA), Ameliah (Liah) Isabelle, Alayna Kathleen, Addisyn Renee,

    6, Alexis Grace, Alivia Amanda, Brooklyn Nicole, Lyla Faith (LIE-LA), Ameliah (Liah) Isabelle, Alayna Kathleen, Addisyn Renee, and Madelyn Brilie,

    That was weird, i didnt get it.

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    Aiden, Kaden, and Jayden...maybe Peyton.

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