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US Federal government spends $30B annually on medical research?

Do you think it's ok to fund this with your tax dollars, and if so, is it ok or not ok to fund a federal insurance option? What about putting regulations on for-profit insurance companies so it's harder to deny coverage or accept patients?

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    Of course it's ok to fund medical research with tax dollars!

    America is able to provide new cures and treatments to it's people and the people of the world with this research. These new cures save lives and make things more treatable. This is a sector where America is an international leader.

    It's ok to a point to fund federal insurance. I'm ok with the Medicaid and Medicare options, but when it comes to something as national healthcare I find it redundant because it's going to potentially put thousands of people on the street, and it's going to lead to more fraud in the healthcare field. Currently the government run insurance plans such as Medicare is the leading field for fraud, the most fraud occurs there. With a national plan more fraud will be able to happen because regulations aren't strict, which will raise taxes to cover the losses. This is something that's going to leave the next generation into major debt, what's going to happen to all the social security for the next generation? Taxes will rise, government programs will be cut to afford "solutions" in other field, and Americans will suffer from the trillions of dollars worth of debt collected in the past years.

    The government plan will deny coverage as well, you won't be able to afford anything under the plan. I don't want to make it harder for insurance companies to take patients because more people will still be without insurance. The insurance companies need to revoke their pre-existing conditions regulations, which they have confirmed they will. They need to help come up with a solution for the uninsured, which they have stated they will.

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    Yes, yes, and....yes.

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