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What are your favorite Rza lines?

Rza doesn't get much credit as a rapper. Maybe it's his voice or his delivery, but I always thought he had some sick lyrics. What are your favorite Rza lines?


LMAO @ Slum Frum! I can't speak on behalf of all of BK, but I ride the train because my @ss is broke.

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    And every day I catch my credit card inside your purse

    You can't speak a sentence without a curse

    Talking 'bout you're going to be a nurse

    *****, to be a nurse you got to go to shool first!

    Source(s): Just because I thought it was funny lol
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    Rza Quotes

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    Co-sign Talib's snippet.

    And his verse on 4th Chamber.

    But I don't really think RZA is a good rapper. I'm not saying his lyrics are horrible, but IMO his delivery is terrible. He has no clue how to flow over a beat. And his voice is real annoying. He does have a few real nice verses though.

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    Slum Frum,I really can't stand the Rza but his verse off "It's yourz" was pretty tight.Frum why you Ny cats take a train everywhere?Funerals,weddings,parties,fights all on the train.Why everybody wants to be a rapper and ride the train?@Frum why do everyone try to hop over instead of paying for a ticket?Isn't a all night arcade uptown somewhere?

    Source(s): Yeah!You know why I call you slum!Lmao
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    I like his work in Gravediggaz the most, esp. 6 Feet Deep

    Evil Deeds is a good track

    "Mr. Milli, that means I'm also militant

    Don't wear no suit and tie, I'm no gentleman

    Gettin laid, takin heads, that's my hobby

    Punch a brother in the face who call me Robbie

    I be the RZA, call me that 'cuz I

    Never liked the name I recieved from my poppa

    Dirty deluxe, yo, I'm huntin' for ducks

    Snatchin' devils up by the hair then cut his head off"

    I'm especially a fan of his work on Cuttin Heads

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    And here I was thinkin I was the only one who thought Rza was dope as hell.

    I'm on my phone so I'll just list my favorite songs of his or with him.

    A Day in the Life

    You Can't Stop Me Now (best sample I've heard from "message from a black man")

    Deep Space (he out does Lord Jamar and the beat is effin nuts, prod. by Preserve )

    Evil Deeds (sickest chorus since Evidence's "for whom the bell tolls)

    The bonus song from the spirit of apollo is sick too, I forget the name.

    There's a lot of good songs but these are just a few of my faves.

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    i really like him espically his bobby digital shi*

    but hes not as good as other members of WU

    GZA and Dech are equil to him

    Ghost Rae and Meth are better than him

    hes underrated tho

    EDIT sorry forgot Quote

    Biochemical equation DOOM ft RZA

    Tempted by the sins of life, the pleasures of lust

    With wild imaginings that you can't discuss

    Oh, the flesh is weak, it's a struggle for feast

    It's a daily conflict between man and beast

    We, strive for God, and a better tomorrow

    Still suffering, from the unforgettable sorrow

    Repent from thy sins, son, and walk these straight

    Stop talking all that trash, boy, and spark these straight

    Evicted by the pressures of life, at every vital point

    Still, I wouldn't give an oint'

    Or, flinch an inch, or pitch a pinch

    Off the pie, or every try to try your winch

    Confronted by the devil himself, and stay strong

    You think you can take the King, now meet Kong

    Source(s): The Gravediggaz was the best horrorcore group ever
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    EricB.& Rakim- In the Ghetto "I used to relax in my room and escape from New York, and return through the womb of the world as a thought" Common- 6th Sense "In front of two-inch glass and Arabs I order fries Inspiration when I write, I see my daughter's eyes I'm the truth, across the table from corporate lies Immortilized by the realness I bring to it If revolution had a movie I'd be theme music" Nas-Get down "Some ni99az fucckk they enemies in they a*s when they catch 'em Weird-a*s ni99az are dangerous, so don't test 'em They make you, dissapear, this a year that I won't forget Sold CD's double platinum, met mo' execs Southern ni99az, independent label, real killers Know the business, ran Tennessee for years, now they chillin They had the coke game somethin crazy Sold music out the trunk of they car, that sh!t amazed me Put me onto heron blunttts, sherm or somethin Took a puff, what the fucckk, I turned to punch them Southern ni99az ain't slow, ni99a tried to play me I left from around them dudes, they cool but they crazy" BQ: "A boy is born in hard time Mississippi Surrounded by four walls that ain't so pretty His parents give him love and affection To keep him strong moving in the right direction Living just enough, just enough for the ha!" Stevie Wonders- Living for the City

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    lol RZA's flow and voice is one of my favorites.

    Yo chill with the feedback black we don't need that

    It's ten o'clock hoe, where the ****'s your seed at

    Feelin mad hostile, ran the apostle

    Flowin like Christ when I speaks the gospel

    Stroll with the holy roll then attack the globe with the buckus style

    the ruckus, ten times ten men committin mad sin

    Turn the other cheek and I'll break your ****** chin

    Slayin boom-bangs like African drums (we'll be)

    Comin around the mountain when I come

    Crazy flamboyant for the rap enjoyment

    My clan increase like black unemployment

    Yeah, another one dare, G-Gka-Genius

    Take us the **** outta here

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    I won't lie, I don't like his delivery, but I don't think its umbearable just not my taste. His best lines I can't say but his best songs had to be on those afro samurai albums.

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