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My Change-up is just as fast as my Fastball?

Ok, I am going to be a senior in high school and I despretly need to find a change-up grip that works. Right now I'm throwing a circle-change but it is only 3 mph slower than my fastball. I think that the problem lies with my hands being small. Can anyone give me advise to get around this problem or any tips on how I should release the ball? thanks.

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    Oh the dreaded change up. I have trouble with the change up myself. I was never able to get the velocity off of it like you are talking about. They say that a good change up should be 10 - 13 mph off of your fastball but have the same arm speed and as your fastball. This is very hard to do.

    Personally I gave up on the change up and went to a split finger. This was easier for me to throw because I was able to throw it as hard as I wanted and the speed would come off anyway. That's what I liked about the split (besides the break you can get on it if you've got it going good).

    Back to the change up: Here is a site that teaches you how to throw 3 different change ups, the circle (which you are throwing), the vulcan (i threw this one for a while but wasn't consistent with the control), and the palm ball. Go to the pitching section on the top left navigation bar and then on the right side of the website there is a link that says "pitching grips and how to throw different pitches". Not only does it teach you change ups but it teaches you the split and a bunch of other pitches too. I think this may help you.

    One quick tip if you are thinking about sticking with the circle change. When I threw this one back in high school I would think about throw the circle to the ground and letting the baseball roll off the tip of my ring finger. The more I felt it come off the side tip of that ring finger, the slower it was and more action it had. I hope this helps and good luck with the change.

    By the way. They say that big league pitchers use the change up 15 - 20% of the time to get batters out. Do you throw your change up that much?

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    If your circle change is only 3 mph slower then you aren't throwing it right. Try to throw a palm ball first, because that's an easier change up and there's really no way to mess it up.

    Keep in mind that not everyone can throw a successful change-up and having small hands is detrimental to throwing a circle-change for sure.

    Never slow up your arm on the change-up though, because the ball will get tanked

    Source(s): Baseball coach for 7 years.
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    mess around with the grip, try a couple different grips to see what works best for you. a change up is probably the hardest pitch to throw out of the main stream pitches (fast ball, curve, change). somedays you have it and some days you do not.

    and when you throw a change up make sure to not baby it. cause then the ball will just float in there, without any movement and get hit out of the park.

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    You might try cutting the ball instead of throwing it. I realize that sounds odd, but if you throw with the same motion as your fastball, but just release the ball as your arm is coming back to your body, you'll take a bunch of velocity off of it.

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    I throw a three finger change and it works really good.

    Try that. Throw it like a four seam but use three fingers and put it deep in my palm.

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