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Please comment on these boy names?

Alexander Scott - "Alex"

Bennett James - "Ben"

Cole Jonathan

Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny"

Derek James

Dylan Joseph

Grant Michael

Jared Thomas

Joshua Paul - "Josh"

Maxwell James - "Max"

Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate"

Nicholas Ryan - "Nick"

Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby"

Shawn Joseph

William Tyler - "Liam"

What do you guys think? Which are your favorites and least favorites?

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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  • Lilazn
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    1 decade ago
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    Alexander Scott - "Alex" - I like Alexander but im not a fan of Scott.

    Bennett James - "Ben" - I hate the name Bennett, Love James.

    Cole Jonathan - Hate the name sorry.

    Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny" - Love Daniel, not a fan of Jacob with it.

    Derek James - Not a fan of Derek.

    Dylan Joseph - HATE THE NAME DYLAN.

    Grant Michael - I like this one.

    Jared Thomas - All the Jared's I know are jerks.

    Joshua Paul - "Josh" - Cute

    Maxwell James - "Max" - Ehh sounds like the name of a butler

    Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate" - not a fan

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - I like Nicholas but not with Ryan

    Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby" I like this one a lot.

    Shawn Joseph - Not really my fav.

    William Tyler - "Liam" -no

    I like Robert Drake a lot.

  • Cody
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    1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott - "Alex" - 8/10

    Bennett James - "Ben" - 4/10 Don't like Bennett.

    Cole Jonathan - 6/10 - Cole is so bland.

    Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny" - 7/10 Jacob is ok.

    Derek James - 5/10 It's ok.

    Dylan Joseph - 10/10 That's a good one. :)

    Grant Michael - 3/10 Sounds dorky.

    Jared Thomas - 6/10 Jareth is better, Thomas shouldn't be a middle name.

    Joshua Paul - "Josh" - 8/10 Don't like Paul so much.

    Maxwell James - "Max" - 0/10 Ew. I hate the name Maxwell.

    Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate" - 10/10

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - 9/10 Try switching up the spelling...

    Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby" - 5/10 Drake is good. :) Robert ew.

    Shawn Joseph - 10/10 :)

    William Tyler - "Liam" - 10/10 Why not just Liam Tyler then?

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott - "Alex" - Absolutely adore Alex.. sounds good with Scott too. Love both names!

    Bennett James - "Ben" - Dislike Bennett, but I'd love Benjamin James, with Ben for short?

    Cole Jonathan - Love Cole, not quite so fond on Jonathan.

    Daniel Jacob - "Dan" or "Danny" - Love Daniel Jacob.. but I would like the name just left as Daniel to be honest.

    Derek James - I really like this actually, it's cute.

    Dylan Joseph - LOVE! Dylan is such a gorgeous name. Dylan James would also sound nice.

    Grant Michael - Hmm, I really like Michael, not so fond on Grant.

    Jared Thomas - Not my favourite, but do really like it.

    Joshua Paul - "Josh" - Love it - two great names :)

    Maxwell James - "Max" - I don't like Maxwell..

    Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate" - Love it! Nathaniel is such a great name!!

    Nicholas Ryan - "Nick" - I really like this name too, excellent choice.

    Robert Drake - "Rob" or "Robby" - Loving Robert (much prefer the spelling Robbie though).. hating Drake!

    Shawn Joseph - Dislike Shawn, Joseph is okay.

    William Tyler - "Liam" - I would love it if it was just Liam Tyler..


    Favourites: Alexander Scott, Nathaniel John & Nicholas Ryan.

    Would Be Favourites: Daniel Jacob (if left as Daniel) & Liam Tyler (rather than William).

    Hope this helps,x

  • hunt
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    1 decade ago

    Alexander Scott - i'm just not a fan of it. but it's not horrible.

    Bennett James - cute, i just think Bennett's cuter for a girl.

    Cole Jonathan - wonderful.

    Daniel Jacob - as long as his nickname is Danny, i love this.

    Derek James - again, i don't really like it, but it's not horrible.

    Dylan Joseph - the first Dylan i ever knew was a girl so it will always be a girl name to me, sorry.

    Grant Michael - cute.

    Jared Thomas - not great, not bad.

    Joshua Paul - i love the name Joshua, i just hate the nickname Josh.

    Maxwell James - don't really like Max- names.

    Nathaniel John - cute, but if you're going to call him Nathan, i think that name is fine on it's own.

    Nicholas Ryan - Ryan's cute, but i don't really like Nick.

    Robert Drake - ew. sorry.

    Shawn Joseph - i prefer Sean, but it's okay i guess.

    William Tyler - cute, i think Will is cuter than Liam though.

    favorites: Cole Jonathan, Grant Michael, William Tyler.

    least: Alexander Scott, Dylan Joseph, Robert Drake.

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  • 1 decade ago



    Alexander Scott

    Bennett James

    Daniel Jacob

    Derek James

    Grant Michael

    Jared Thomas

    Joshua Paul

    Nicholas Ryan

    Shawn Joseph

    William Tyler

    Least faves:

    Cole Jonathan

    Dylan Joseph

    Maxwell James

    Nathaniel John

    Robert Drake

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have a alot of great names. My favorites are:

    Alexander Scott - "Alex"

    Dylan Joseph -- Love this name

    Nathaniel John - "Nathan" or "Nate"-- love Nathan but what about Nathan Thomas

    William Tyler - "Liam"-- love this name too with the nickname Liam

    Source(s): mom to Jayda, Julianna, and Jazzlyn and baby #4 due 9-9-09
  • 1 decade ago

    I don't like Nathaniel John or Bennett James...hahah

    My fav is Alexander Scott.

  • 1 decade ago

    Overall, those are really great names! Joshua Paul gets my vote as best. I would change a few, though:

    Bennett to Benjamin

    Cole Jonathan to Jonathan Cole

    Maxwell James to James Maxwell

    Shawn to Sean

  • 1 decade ago

    They are all very cute

    my favorites are:

    Bennett James

    Grant Michael

    Maxwell James

    William Tyler

  • 1 decade ago


    Bennett James - "Ben"

    Cole Jonathan

    Maxwell James - "Max"

    All of the others are okay to yuck

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