How do you feel about Michael Vick being conditionally reinstated by the NFL?

I'm a little steamed! We, as a country, sure set a good example for our children! Michael Vick, Mike Tyson, are just several "bad" examples.

Here is what I know:

"Michael Vick is back in the NFL. Now all he needs is a team to play for. Vick, free after serving 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring, was reinstated with conditions by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday. He could participate in regular-season games as early as October. Vick can immediately take part in preseason practices, workouts and meetings..... " This was from the AP.

So, what do you think? Should he be reinstated or given his walking papers? How do you feel about your children looking up to him as a "good" example? I, still feel, they should show him the door.

Be nice when answering, please and thank you. I would like some serious input.


For all of you who have answered, I thank you for the good comments and insight. I want to let you know that I did not do the thumbs down. I respect your opinions and have given a thumbs up to you all. Again, thank you for answering in a respectful manner.


Update 2:

ck1, I agree. Pete Rose sure did the time for betting. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 years..... He was caught betting. Vick was caught being cruel to animals.... 18 months. Sometimes the time doesn't fit the crime. There is something wrong with this picture.

Update 3:

Ms. Lacuna, I like what your wrote. Good thoughts to mull over. TY

Update 4:

Pyro Dog, I like what you said about it not being written in their contracts that they have to be role models. You are right! Maybe, it needs to be (my spin on that) stated in black and white what you can and can't do!!!!! Anyway, TY for your comments.

Update 5:

More good, thoughtful answers. Thank you. More information to digest.

Update 6:

Everyone who answered this question brought alot to the table. It's been hard picking BA so...... I have gone with the person with the most thumbs up. That's the fairest I can be. Thumbs up helped because there were MORE than 2 answers that deserved BA. Trying to decide was hard.........

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  • ck1
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    1 decade ago
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    I did -not- know that. What do I think? I'm outraged by it! First of all, 18 months in jail was not even close to long enough, in my opinion.

    Now, after doing such a despicable thing, he is to be rewarded with a great deal of money? I can't think of it in any other way. That is just plain wrong. It's like giving him a slap on the wrist for what is, in my mind, an egregious crime; acting like it was just a little slip on his part. Almost as though they are saying, "Oops, you made a little mistake. Now you've paid the full price and, to make up for all you've gone through, we're opening our arms to you and welcoming you back in the fold."

    I wouldn't want any child looking up to him after that. Yes, he can be forgiven, but he should -not- be considered a good role model.

    By reinstating him, Goodell is setting a very bad example. Look what baseball did to Pete Rose - and is still doing - for gambling, not for such cruelty. The NFL should also have a "this far you can go and then you're out" standard for behavior.

    What a world!

    ***Obviously, my answer doesn't please people. Sorry about that. I get angry at such blatant, abominable animal abuse. Yes, by law he has done his time. Still, since kids -do- look up to athletes, the NFL should take a strong stand, in my opinion. Maybe some job could have been given, but not one that makes him oodles of money and makes him a superstar some will almost worship. Losing that role should have been a part of the punishment. Thinking of Pete Rose again, I believe he would have lost the possibility of being an honored star had he been a baseball player.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vick's character has been a major point of debate throughout the entire NFL community. Should he be allowed to play? Should they give him the boot? These questions remain moot, when the fact remains the same: Vick's career will never be the same whether a team picks him or not. There have been plenty of NFL players that have been involved with the law in some way or another, and subsequently their careers drastically stalled or they are no longer playing. Take for example, Rae Carruth. He was charged with conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder. He's serving out his sentence until 2018. Then there's of course, O.J and Hubert Thompson as well. All of those men are also guilty of making the wrong choices. I think that its kind of a joke that the league is giving Vick conditions on coming back. I only say that because the NFL has high standards for their players. They know, just like any rational thinking organizations, that reinstating him entirely would completely mess up the franchise. The leagues name, as well as Vick's is tarnished. A whole onslaught of people will be upset and money will be funneled away from the NFL. They will end up losing more, rather than gaining anything. Peta has already had a field day with Vick's actions. Does the league need anymore unwanted and negative press? Ultimately they can forgive and give him another chance. In essence that is what their doing; but they are being so slick about the whole process. Does anyone think a team will pick him back up? They gave him those conditions on purpose. Vick knows that the players represent their community and their teams. To have his name dragged through the dirt, how could he come back from that? Vick lost his team, his friends and has suffered his consequences. He is now like a pariah. No one wants to be associated with him or even play with him. Does he deserve whatever he gets? More than likely. Should he be allowed to play again? Honestly I could care less. I never really did like the guy to begin with. It wouldn't make a difference to me if he ever played again. However, I do have to say, that if the NFL decides to

    re-negotiate a contract with Vick and lift the conditions, then they'd be more progressive than I had originally thought.

    Source(s): My brain
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  • 1 decade ago

    Bad examples? How about a GOOD example of how our country works- and the concept of paying your debt to society and being able to continue your life. If children are looking up to him without parent's guidance, I feel sorry for the kids, but that's not the leagues fault.

    The NFL doesn't employee Vick, the team that may sign him does. The NFL is just the "industry" that he works in.You folks think that he's walking back into millions are NUTS. He'll get the vet MINIMUM if he gets a team to sign him at all.There is no reason he should be allowed to earn a living. Whether or not another team is willing to put up with the PR hit is up to them. The league hasn't done anything but say he can play. They haven't guaranteed him ANYTHING.

    It's just like if you're an accountant and get fired for some criminal activity. Assuming that it is not directly related to your job (embezzlement comes to mind), then you won't work for that company again, but there is nothing saying you can't work for another company in the same field. It's the same thing here.

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  • Carla
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    4 years ago

    Good question. Vicks infraction hits at the heart strings of any Human who has any sort of compassion for living beings that are not used as a source of nourishment / food and worse for with respect to the humans among us who think all animals should be off limits as a food source..... The other thugs you mentioned were involved for the most part in one form of player on player football violence which can be accepted as part of this brutal yet fantastic sport. VICK is screwed and should be banned but that won't stop the RAIDERS from picking him up. Heck their fans stab people openly on camera if they are routing for the other team. YES, this did happen on a live tv camera shot..........

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vick has not been fully reinstated as of now.I didn't think he should be back in the nfl yet.The only thing he was good at was running.They should treat him as a new comer and make him prove himself 1st.Make him play one year in the ufl and see how he works out because he needs to work on his passing or just bring him in as the last choice qb or rb.And for the Pats to be looking at him will kill the Pats.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I might be the only one who believes this but oh well.

    Of course he should've be reinstated! I have no problem with it at all.My argument:

    So many people in foreign countries have done stuff like this (dogfighting) for centuries now

    Does that make Michael Vick any more worse than them?

    NO. They all are horrible for doing such horrible acts to animals.

    I don't condone dogfighting... but I don't think he should have been imprisoned for it for THAT long. I Justin of all the people who have done the same exact tihng and aren't getting scrutinized and hated as much as Vick has gotten.

    I don't think children (I am in high school but it doesnt make it anyless different) could really praise Michael Vick from what has happened. The majority of America hates him. The children of America are more than likely going to do what their parents think.

    I just dont think we should punish him anymore. He has done his time. He has done a bad thing. I forgive him.

    sorry for the rant... I just think he should be given a 2nd chance and I 'm glad he got reinstated.

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  • Im happy for Vick and his camp, obivosuly he must have done something right or changed atleast a little ebcause the commisner reinstated him. I personally believe that vick will stay out of trouble, other then his dog fighting he wasn't that much of a nusance. that said he did commit a serious crime, and mybe should have gotten more time, but he did not, and i think the NFL did the right thing by respecting the law, and giving him a oppurtunity to play again. I thikn that is far. vick might f it up but well see

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all, it is never stated in the athlete's contracts that they have to "act like a role model". They are freee to do what they want, if your kids follow them, okay, but that''s not their job. Their job is to play. If you want your kids to follow "role models", let them watch players who you want them to emulate, it's not that hard to change the channel when Vick or someone comes on. I don't know if you've been in jail or not, but it's that bad. It's like locking a kid in his room and he is only allowed to eat and an hour of free time. I'm not sure about your kid but if that happened to me for 18 months I'd probably go insane. Also, Leonard Little, Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth KILLED HUMAN BEINGS.

    When should a dog's life be valued over a human being? And Vick didn't kill them, he just let it happen in his house and bet on it, but there's no proof he did any killing. But when guys like them kill humans and get let off, that is a slap in the wrist. Vick should be allowed to play, he has paid his debts and is willing to make ammends. If you did something bad and was genuinely sorry for it, wouldn't you want people to forgive you, and let you start over? It's not like he got caught, got a warning, and kept doing it. He did it once, got caught, and now has paid the price. And 18 months is A YEAR AND A HALF, how long should he get when guys like Ray Lewis who MURDER PEOPLE get no jail time?

    I for one await the return of Vick to see what it takes for you people to forget about him. It took Ray Lewis a Super Bowl, so let's see what Vick does.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They shouldnt have done it [letting Vick back in]. What he did was wrong, cruel, and stupid. They kicked him out, he went to jail (but not long enough in either case), he lost a lot of $ and other assets, hopefully he learned his lesson... This is like punishing a child for doing something very wrong by not letting them participate in a sport, but then letting them join back in a few weeks later. It doesnt accomplish anything, and it sends the wrong message to other people. Vick doesnt need the money, and there are plenty of other fish in the NFL player sea. Thats what I think anyway...

    Source(s): Thats my opinion, if I offended any of you, email me. Im a big boy, I can handle criticism (whether it is constructive or otherwise...).
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  • katty
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    1 decade ago

    I have a hard time with this. Yes he did serve time for his crime. But was 18 months just for the torture of living creatures. I don't believe in the death penalty or an eye for an eye. I do believe in the Laws of Karma. It is really hard to see a wonderful talented person whom has such potential to have such a lack of compassion for other living creatures. If he is really allowed to come back to a career, then it to me seems wrong. It really would seem more just for him to be in a position to prove his renewed compassion for living creatures and prove his remorse for his unthinkable actions. However I believe people are born with natures that ring true to whom they really are.Vick did not just make a bad decision. He went forth to make $ gains from the torture and cruelty to all those dogs. To think he could pet one on the head and then starve it to death to train it as a fighter is truly horrific to think of the suffering these poor dogs endured.

    My heart cries for them. But my compassion gets mingled with this type of cruelty. I love all animals. I believe a person whom can treat a helpless animal this way is capable of such unspeakable cruelty to another person. This has been proved so with many studies. Some of the most unthinkable crimes against man grew out of unthinkable torture to animals.

    I think his football days should be gone. I think he should work on his humanity.

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