Why isn't hard for certain people to get pregnant?

My boyfriend's best friend smokes A LOT of weed..Well he just found out today that he's having a boy. My boyfriend's other friend is having a baby due in either september or october..It's not fair. My boyfriend and I have been TTC for a couple months and it's just not happening. We are both able to have kids. The doctor told us that we don't have any infertility problems, So why is it so hard for us? I ovulate sometime next week. Do you have any advice or tips? Your help would be so much appreciated. Thank you :)


whoops! I messed up on the question.. I meant to say "Why isn't IT hard for certain people to get pregnant?"...How embarrasing lol.

Update 2:

Yeah, I have been stressed out lately, so I think that's what it is. But like everyone told me, I'm going to stop "trying" and just let it happen. Which will hopefully be next month lol. I know he will be a great father, he's sooo great with kids, especially with his 7 months old nephew. He treats him as if that was his own son. And whenever I have to babysit his nephew, I always bounce him up on my legs (he loves being bounced up and down), it makes him smile and laugh...I love it when baby laugh and smile lol.

Update 3:

Rachel22381..No sorry but you're the one that's immature not me...You're immature for posting a rude answer like that..I didn't ask for that. But anyways, If that's how you felt, then you should've kept your comment to yourself so...SORRY!

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    My best friend got so mad at me when I got pregnant too. I got pregnant the first month I tried. She and her hubby had tried for close to a year and didn't conceive. She was charting and checking her mucous and all of that stuff. She asked how I got pregnant so fast and I just said I had fun and relaxed. She did that and got pregnant right away!

    With my first pregnancy, we seriously had sex 2-3 times a day every day until I got pregnant. My hubby said he was so thrilled it didn't take long to conceive because that meant he could get a little more sleep! LOL!

    One thing to bear in mind is that our ovaries won't always release an egg when our bodies are under stress so it can be very easy to miss ovulation some months. So that's why it's best just to relax and have fun!

    Good luck and baby dust to you!

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    To be quite honest, there is a small fraction of a like 24 hours when you can seriously get pg. Make sure you have your ov days correct and use Fertile Day 3 to the fullest! You have about a 28% of getting pg that day. Oh and also try the wee hours of the morning my husband and I did these two things and it happened the first months we tried for both pregnancies. GOOD LUCK! And remember every other day during your "ov" for the 5 days around it is always a GREAT idea! Don't think about it too hard either, just get your days set and have fun!

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    Keep charting your temperature and taking your prenantal vitamins. It is normal to take a few months to concieve. Everyone only has approximately 20-25% chance of concieving each cycle so not being able to get pregnant right away is normal. It takes a while to know exactly when you are ovulating and some months you may not ovulate at all, which is also normal.

    I would only worry if it's been over a year and you still haven't been able to get pregnant. I know it's hard, but try to relax a bit as stress tends to mess up your cycles.

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    Everyone is different and things will seem much harder if you start comparing yourself to others. All the conditions need to be in place for pregnancy to happen, for some it happens right away and for some it takes months, years, etc.

    Keep trying and enjoy the ride, If your doctor told you are are fertile then there shouldnt be any problems :)

    Good luck :)

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    u have to relaxxxx haha i know its hard but it will happen. i know a friend who was TTC for 7 months and one day when she was just about to give up she had sex with her hubby and turned upside down and propped her but up on a pillow so gravity would take affect lol and boom she was pregnant that month now she has a beautiful 3 month old little girl :) try it, u dont have anything to loose lol.

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    So you've been trying for a few months and you're complaining? Right now we've been trying since last September.

    It's not hard for you, you just haven't tried long enough - 12 months for those under 35. After 12 months then start complaining.

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    sorry to hear that.some times its difficult and late to conceive but keep trying.do sex by putting two pillows under your butts and after he release in you stay in the posture for 10 to 15 mins.in that way sperms will go inside easily.i hope it helps.i have heard of another asian myth but i dont think american can believe it.its very funny.its said that when the man is going to ejaculate inside slap the wife really hard then you will conceive quickly and you have a son.lol.i know that 3 couples have tried this and they have boys.when man slaps wife the woman get raged and angry in that way the hormones of body are disturbed and sperms travel inside fast,resulting in pregnancy.

    tell me please if you get pregnant whenever.

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    it took me a a few months to get pregnant with all my kids and we were also actively trying to get pregnant so just relax and tell b/f dont pull out till all your lil guys and girls get out of u. good luck and a lot a lot of baby dust.

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    Maybe it's not your time yet! Just keep trying. Some people stop trying and they end up getting pregnant.

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    Sorry to hear that try preeseed, or the clearblue ovulation test to when ovulation is.

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