How do I find discounts/charities for a seriously ill child/?

My friend has an 18 month old that was born having 300 seizures a day. He cannot eat, and is feed thru a feeding tube directly into his stomach. He can only eat Enfamil Next Step formula and BeneProtein, and the cost of this is astronomical. I am trying to help her find a way to get his formula at a reduced rate or even free if at all possible. He requires 24 hr care and she had to quit her job. They just filed bankruptcy and I would really like to help them if I can.

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    A lot depends on where you live. E.g., this is an organization that helps chronically ill children who are residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware.

    This foundation provides grants that facilitate "access to medical-related services that have the potential to significantly enhance either the clinical condition or the quality of life of the child".

    Also you can go here and select Financial Assistance and Referral from the pull-down menu and then type in your ZIP code.

    I found most of these by going to this web page and scrolling down 'til I got to "Assistance to patients / survivors'. I didn't finish the list (plus you didn't mention which disease your friend's baby has) so you might go there and just scroll down the list yourself.

    I sure hope you find some help for your friend and her baby!


    P.S. You might check here and here to see if their Enfamil Next Step and BeneProtein prices are better than the ones your friend is now paying

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    Contact Social Services and ask for a list of organizations in your area, such as Rotary, Elks or Catholic Charities. Their Church should be willing to host a fundraiser for them.

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