Girls poop too? What do you do when you have to poo?

What do you do when you have to go poo in public?

Today i was at school and i had tio go poo really bad. This usually never happeens to me because i can usually hold it in. anyways so i went durning recess and there were like a million girls in the washroom and there was a line too anyways i when i got in the stall my poo was like spitting oout and everytime i farted just a lil bit my fart would be 10x as loud in the toilet. anyways so i had to get up a lil bit everytime i farted anyways. for some reason it smelled bad too and i bet people knew it was me cause i took so long in the stall. and the toilet paper at school is so cheap andfragile i had to use like half the roll. i pray that this will neer happen to me again. i had to pretend that nothing happened and i just went pee. i had some body spray and i sprayed it in the stall but thats so obvious. i didnt want people to go in my stall and walk straight out cause it was stinky.

What are we women meant to do when we have a poop emergency in public? I'm 15 and female if that helps

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    1 decade ago
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    When you need to go you need to go girl pooping is a natural bodily function and its real bad for you insides to hold it in. So if you need to poop just go and let it out no matter where you are.

  • 3 years ago

    I oftentimes get so demanding like in college i could attempt and poop early interior the morning mutually as i'm getting waiting, and attempt and push it out in the past college, by using fact it makes me so demanding that i could could poop in college, and the instructor denying me get entry to, or me taking too long, and which would be embarresting to return back after like 20 mintues! i'll a tumbling class quickly, and that i think a rumbley in my tumbley, i'm scared! i'm getting so demanding approximately pooping, it takes like a million hour of my day of traumatic in the past college while college replace into in consultation!! I oftentimes attempt to speed myself x2 in public, nonetheless I purely like pooed as quickly as at this center college, i think of. :)

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