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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 1 decade ago

Who do you think is entitle to the lottery jackpot: one who bought it and lost it or one who found it?

Please review the case and provide a response with justification of your position:


Correction: Who do you think is entitled to the lottery jackpot payment: one who bought the winning ticket and lost it or one who found it?

Update 2:

@ Pé Na (phuthuy dethuong): You don't understand the question. It is about who has the legal right to claim the winning ticket and not about legitimacy of state (government) lottery and compulsive gambling in the society (such as Vietnam)

Update 3:

@ Pé Na: I guess you understood the question, but did not answer it correctly.

Update 4:

@ The Heart of Asia: Do you have a "flashlight" in the desk drawer at your law firm. Now I know your correct address. I live at Golden "Triangle" block that is very close to your office, and will stop by if you offer me "free consultation".

Evaluation of all answers:

Unlike Vietnam Lotteries or US Lotteries, UK lottery buyers do receive receipts in addition to the purchased lottery tickets. I believe she did not sign the back of the ticket; however, she does have the receipt for this ticket with the numbers that she often plays. So she was able to prove that she is the legal owner of the winning ticket. The issue here is the statute of limitation. She has 180 days to claim the winning ticket that she lost, but she did not do so in this case. As for the founders, they are not entitled to the prize because UK law requires that the founder turns n the winning tickets to the Lottery Operator:

Update 5:

Of course many of us would consider the "winning lottery ticket" as CASH and would be inclined to keep it, as we do not know the rightful owner of the ticket. Why do we have to turn the money in to the state (government)???

The matter here is the "statute of limitation". The winner has a limited period of time (180 days) to claim, and she did not do so. She was lucky to be able to re-collect half of the money that could have been lost, so she needs to stop whining, and be happy with this outcome.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Ok..I'm not a "professional" lawyer, but I will give you my best shot with respect to the eyes of justice!


    Oh, xin các bạn khác đừng hiểu lầm nha, tôi ko có bắn TTS hay là bắn bất cứ ai ở đây đâu. Chữ "shot" ko phải chỉ là nghĩa "bắn" như là dùng vũ khí bắn ai đâu. Tôi phải đính chính vậy trước để quý vị khỏi hiểu lầm tôi, hồi trước tôi có viết câu gì đó, thì có 1 người vô sửa tiếng Anh của tôi bằng cách là ông ta tra từ điển để mà đính chính ngôn từ của tôi dùng, nhưng ông đó quên rằng là đôi khi cách dùng từ còn tùy thuộc theo phong trào và văn hóa ở mỗi quốc gia, chớ ko phải là tôi chà đạp danh dự ai hoặc nói móc ai đâu nhé. Thí dụ nếu mà tôi có dùng cái câu là "Break-A-Leg" với bạn TTS, thì quý vị xin đừng nhảy vô kết luận là tôi trù ẻo xui cho TTS để gãy chân đâu nha, mặc dù chữ Break = Gãy & Leg = Chân...lmao! =)). Xin lỗi tôi phải nói thẳng trước vậy, thà là tôi làm "MẤT LÒNG" quý vị trước, để khỏi "HIỂU LẦM" ngôn từ tiếng Anh hay tiếng VN mà tôi dùng sau này. Oh tất cả quý vị ĐỪNG ĐI THEO CON ĐƯỜNG MÒN CỦA DIỆT TUYỆT SƯ THÁI hay là của LÃNG DU nha. Muốn đấu lý lẻ với tôi thì quý vị cần phải có lập trường và cơ bản về những gì mà quý vị muốn CHIẾU TƯỚNG ngược lại với tôi hoặc ngược lại với ông bạn của tôi, TTS, bằng ko thì PHẤT CÓ

    Oh dang! ...TTS wants justification! Alright where was I...Ok, like I said, I'm not a "professional" lawyer, but I will give you my best shot with respect to the eyes of justice and prove my case.

    I think in order claim the ownership of the lottery tickets, the plaintiffs MUST HAVE a raw, solid evidence such as a receipt for the lottery ticket that they purchased, to justify their claims beyond the reasonable doubt.

    As for the defendants, the old saying "finder is a keeper" may not work in this legal battle. It only works at the school playground, for claiming a dollar bill or a lunch box that belongs to other kid. However, at the same, I don't think that the defendants should be punished under the judicial system for finding someone else's lottery ticket and attempting to claim it as their own, UNLESS, they already knew that the ticket was already belonged to someone's, but still trying to deceive the legal authority or to obstruct the rightful owner from claiming or retrieving it back. I DO think that the defendants don't have the right to entitle of lottery ticket that was NOT theirs (the defendant's) to begin with.

    I rest my case, your honor!...hehe!


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    Source(s): "The Heart Of Asia"
  • 1 decade ago

    First, We did not see the proof that she was the one who bought that winning ticket, and we did not read the court case.

    Second, the one who had the ticket, unless was proven otherwise in court, is the one who is entitled to the winning prize by law.

    If it was proven in court, certainly it belonged to the keeper not the founder.

    Normally, we should ask if anyone had accidentally dropped the ticket rather than without asking anyone nearby.

    However, picking up a lottery on the floor that nobody claimed against it, at least at that time, differed with stealing it in someone's pocket.

    Do you think that lawsuit was filed if it WERE NOT a winning ticket, or the winning prize was... a British pound?

    The whole case was sloppily handled as Dorothy said.

    Rewarding her a half of the winning prize in a new trial probably because the couple had no more money left, and probably the couple's attorney knew that was the best deal to his client.

  • pN
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    All countries’s justification on the world admilted it.

    And this is a big (great) topic. Because the lottery is isued and sold in everywhere to everybody. But meaning depend on everebody how they use it.

    I think, we should be buy and used in best way, suiting with everybody’s situation and money to the lottery develop and exist

    Vietnamese always say “The lottery is good for government”


    Sorry , may be I haven't understood this question

    Source(s): @ Thay tuong so This is a big topic, so answer correctly or answer no correctly, understand or no understand are OK
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The one who bought it, they shouldn't have cashed it in. If someone had found my ticket, i would have gave them a reward, i woulnd't have left them with nothing..

  • FACE
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    good question. i would say half each as u always give a reward when u find something

  • 1 decade ago

    oi, it was mine, cun i av it back please i will buy you a drink

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