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My baby turtle wont grow much? Whats wrong?

They eat crickets, chicken, guppies, pellets, ect everytime I give it to them I had them for 9 months already and only 3 grew about a inch and the rest won't its it because of their tiny tank or what I'm getting frustrated every pet or plant I try to take care of never grows. Do they need lamps I keep them out in a plastic container in the sun and they swim out there will a basking place make them grow please help!

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    First of all, if they do not have a lid, then eventually a bird or a snake will gobble them up! It could be that they are afraid. Also, if you have three or more in a tiny container, then you need a bigger container. Also, is the container a color???

    If the container is a color, then thats your problem right there. If it is clear then it must be something else, but if they cannot see the outside, then they dont have dreams or imagination, and they wont be able to see anything except this one color. They minds will not grow and if the minds do not grow, then that results and them not growing!

    Other than that, I cant really think of what other possible problem could be with your turtles. Do not feed guppies or any fish to a baby unless it is a juvenile!

    Good Luck!


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    you need a basking spot and a bigger tank

    even if that is not the issue causing the lac of growth it will cause other problems like shell rot and other deceases you will need a heat lamp and a filter as well many turtles do you have in the same tank ? you need about 7-10 gallons per inch of shell for each turtle now i have 2 turtles that are 2 inches big in a 10 gallon tank at the moment but i am getting them a bigger one (50 gallons) really soon

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    why dont you try looking after them properly,

    i dont keep turtles but i know they need heat in order to digest there food properly. Why are they in a 'tiny tank', im sure they dont appreciate that.

    Perhaps if you actually took care of your pets you wouldnt be frustrated at them if they arnt 'growing'

    how many of them do you have in your 'tiny tank'

    this stuff really annoys me because i dont see how people can buy a pet when they havnt done any reserch on them beforehand.

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    the least perplexing component which you will do is to improve the water temperature and the basking temperature by skill of a pair of levels. usually, they are basically 80 and ninety levels F, respectively. The turtle could choose antibiotics, nonetheless. See what the puppy shop has.

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    there growth depends on the size of their cage

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