BB11 fanz.....who would you date....Russell or Jessie?

and no girls....u cant pick

russell or jessie!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ick. Russell looks like he's going to snap from RoidRage any second and Jessie body is waaaaay too big for his head. But, i'd pick Jessie because he's got a cute face and seems to be a nice guy. Russell seems like he's always ready to beat somebody in the head, gender unimportant.

    Remember how he snapped on Lydia?

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    somewhat NATALIE yet i could placed up Chima too. For some motives... a million.Natalie has in no way been on the block so she is gonna FREAK OUT ! LOL 2. you will in all probability see important campaigning 3.there is NEW Alliances formed as a effect . given which you recognize Natalie may well be stabbing Chima indoors the decrease back to get votes by using reality she's in no way rather felt threatened indoors the interest yet. And Jessie might desire to long previous. So it may get gruesome certainly rapidly ! 4.Chima would not be the point Natalie may well be even nonetheless the object may well be to break up the alliances by using pitting them against one yet yet another. so as that right here week mutually as Jeff or Jordan are certainly not HOH the old Jessie Alliance might desire to not be intact and be much less possibly to return after Jeff for utilising the Wizard capacity to take Jessie out. that would desire to be old advice.

  • 1 decade ago

    if i can't pick jeff, then i dont want anybody !

    hahah but nah i definitely wouldn't date russell, he's too full of himself.

    and so is jessie, but he can be okay sometimes.

    they're both really conceited lol.

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