Does anyone know how to use FTPS (file transfer protocol)?

Can someone give me some basic instructions on using it or at least some info on it? I've been doing some research but I haven't found much...

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    1 decade ago
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    FTP is a file transfer protocol that allows the transfer of data between two machines that can support the protocol.

    So, you can't just FTP to anywhere you like. You have to have a source or destination that will accept you logging on to it. (Called an FTP Server)

    Download Filezilla (it's free, open source and very user friendly). It's an FTP client that does all the tech-y bits really well.

    If for some special reason you wanted to be the server (providing files to your clients) there's Filezilla for that too.

    Get both at:

  • Some easy instructions on using WS_FTP


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    go to control panel and run the file transferring wizard

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    1 decade ago

    >"I've been doing some research but I haven't found much"


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